Yeah feelin" wonderful...c"mon Man a team favor this you never before could"ve supposed Cocktail combined through some Loggy and Kinetics So just relax Lay back and also Be Easy Take your time, let it go, live easily

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And Be Easy (You know) Palm trees, palm trees wright here we sit "n" compose Strong drinks, solid drinks what we sippin" prefer Their on me, on me cuz we"re living appropriate And who"s sayin" that some brand-new love can not begin tonight? Well I didn"t, and neither did you And just acquired essentials, yeah reefer for two And now you got me goin" mental, ain"t a thing I can execute You"re sinking deeper in my chest as I"m thinking of you And so the sun melts with a combined brilliance I find words to define you in the millions
Sweet sublimals yet your a villainous A sweet criminal stealin" all my feelings for yourself And watch the shadows stretch across the pavement And once the coastline wonders wright here the waves went My thoughts surconfront, crept up from the basement Giving me a hint that you recognize I"m gunna take with So just relax Lay ago and also Be Easy Take your time, let it go, live freely And Be Easy
I watch the sun travel over the skies See exactly how lengthy I can endure without a phone at my side And in this minute I have the right to flashback earlier to my youth Imagine a BlackBerry and also fathom an Apple as actual fruits Speakin" of apples, I love the city I reside But why these people kill themselves over their 9 to 5s? All these items that are gilded aren"t gold inside How a lot lifestyle must you buy before you feel alive? Those desires spanned in glitter couldn"t be holreduced Even without a Twitter you"re still considered a follower So if I was starry-eyed, sorry, I apologize I just hit up Loggy for a collie ride And we took a pair of headphones from the eastern coastline (Kinetics)
And a little Cali bud from the west (yo it"s Loggy) And stirred it up inside a cocktail (yeah) And then we finished up via basic So simply relax Lay earlier and Be Easy Take your time, let it go, live easily And Be Easy (You know) Lay ago and also be basic Just take your time, let it go, live freely Be Easy Just relax, lay earlier, Be Easy Take your time, let it go, live freely


No no imagine Tim Curry singing "Youre just a expect heterosexual white male from Cambridge" while wearing Dockers and also an Izod shirt via penny loafers while Susan Sarandon sits tbelow in a chastity belt rolling her eyes and also Meatloaf slits his wrists in a edge so he doesnt have to dance alengthy to Daylight Savings Time #SmoothVirginPictureShow

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Lex Luthor making out via Robin while Batgirl watches and Penguin pouts from the corner in a Superguy costume via a sad fifty percent filled balloon floating bout 3 foot off the ground Just imagine it.