Made specifically for babies, Johnson’s Baby Soap protects the skin’s outer layer by retaining the moisturizing oils. It avoids dryness, rash, and irritation by locking the moisture. Enriched with 1/fourth baby lotion and also vitamin E, the soap provides a creamy lather that gently cleans the body, while keeping it soft and also supple.

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Does Johnson"s Baby Soap lighten skin?Can adults use Johnson"s Baby Soap?What is the expiry day of Johnson"s Baby Soap?Is Johnson"s Baby Soap excellent for the face? All Questions >>

Johnson"s Baby Soap Features

Mildness: Protects the skin and preserves the skin’s natural moisture.Convenient shape: Its simple grip ensures it doesn’t slip away from your hands.No included parabens or phthalates: The lack of harmful chemicals makes the soap safe for the baby’s vulnerable skin.Tested for allergy: The soap is dermatologist-tested for allergies.Tested for safety: The soap passes with a five-level safety and security assurance process.

Johnson"s Baby Soap Specifications

Available in: 150g, 100g, 75g, and also 50gManufacturer"s minimum said age (months): 0.0

Johnson"s Baby Soap Ingredients

Sodium Palm KernelateSodium PalmateWaterMineral oilSodium ChlorideFragranceGlycerinTitanium DioxideDimethiconeC12-C15 Alkyl BenzoateDisodium EDTAStearoxytrimethylsilaneStearyl AlcoholDisodium EtidronateTocopheryl AcetateHydrolyzed milk protein

Johnson"s Baby Soap Side Effects

It is preferable to consult a doctor before using Johnson"s baby soap. Skin irritation, redness might occur. If any kind of side effects are watched after using the soap, visit a physician, and also disproceed the soap.
The baby soap packed through vitamin E and also baby lotion. It designed to carry out a great moisturizing impact reducing the dryness. Also, the soap used on the in its entirety body, consisting of the confront.
The soap is totally free of parabens, phthalates, and also it has vitamin E that helps in keeping your baby skin moisture, smooth. Also, the soap is designed for delicate baby skin.

On my baby shower among my friend gifted Johnchild kit and also I m utilizing as well .this soap is excellent for my baby..It has got the timeless fldental fragrance. The texture of this soap is extremely soft and also article bath it provides my baby"s skin exceptionally smooth. This variant is exceptionally much suitable for her breakable skin as it has actually very gentle formula.

Johnson"s is an extremely old brand is trusted by mom"s anywhere the human being. I offered this baby soap for my baby for even more than a month. It lathers well and also has actually food smell. The skin feels soft after a wash. The only thing is that it makes my skin dry and it contains even more chemicals.

Johnson"s is the oldest and great brand ever before. I am using Johnson"s baby soap because 1 year and I am totally satisfied. It suits my baby skin and no rashes at all as it is a mild soap and dermatologically tested. It keeps the moisturizer locked and also provides the baby skin smooth and also shiny.

On my baby shower I acquired this Johnkid is soft and gentle and also absolutely suitable for baby"s gentle skin. It leaves a softness after every wash. This soap is a lot satisfying. The just point it does not last lengthy melts easily. But worth every penny. Fragrance is good and also moisturize babies skin extremely well.

My sister in law making use of this soap for her 6 month old boy. It is exceptionally mild and good fragnance soap. Its renders her baby skin soft and gentle. It nourishes and also moisturizes her baby skin. It is clinically tested cost-free from chemical. This soap easily accessible in various dimension and also various weight.

johnsons baby soap is the one which is obtainable for over decades... my baby and my grandpa are the users of johnchild baby soap at house... now my brother has joined them in utilizing it, he was asked to usage it to relieve pimple difficulties... this is the best soap for everyone.. it retains the skin moisture and provides it soft... it is mild and chemical free..

When I gained discharge from hospital..their staff offered this johnson gift box..this soap is exceptionally mild so it is suitable for my baby"s sensitive skin. It is cost-free from harmful chemicals parabens so it is safe for my baby. I usage this consistently for my baby. It is dermatologically tested. It does not slip ameans bereason of its form. It moisturizes and also keeps my baby soft and smooth

Johnson"s is an extremely old and also a huge brand also i likewise use the very same for my baby this soap is extremely gentle and also mild on the skin it locks moisture and renders the baby skin soft after wash it has a mild fragrance also in it now it is clinically tested also

I always usage good commodities for my baby which is safe for her. This soap is likewise in such a category that it is safe for babies. No paraben or any various other chemicals consisted of in it. It is soft and also smooth on fragile baby skin and also has actually mild smell. It locks moisture in baby skin and also does not make it dry. So that I recommfinish this to moms.

I"ve been utilizing Johnson"s Baby Soap myself for years also though am a grown up and as soon as my lil angel came along, this was the first soap I provided to offer her, her initially bath. It"s mild and also gentle on the skin cause of the creamy texture and vitamin e oil. Keeps the moisture locked in and also ideal part it reminds me of my childhood, which I acquire to share now via my angel.

When my first daughter concerned this world our friends relatives gifted us 3-4 set of baby essentials . Johnchild baby kit is one among of them. Wright here i provided this soap for my baby and discovered its mild and gentle on baby skins which leathers well and also leaves a mild frangrance. My mommy were additionally used it for me when i was a small baby. So its truley trusted brand.

I gifted to this johnsons baby kit for my ideal friend at that time her boy was born. She usage this kit. Soap is consisted of in this kit. She said johnsons baby soap prevents dryness, rash and also irritation by locking the moisture. It cleans her child body while maintaining her boy ski soft abd supple.

This soap is a nostalgia of my childhood and I still usage this Baby Soap by Johnson"s for my baby daughter. It has actually got the classic fldental fragrance. The texture of this soap is incredibly soft and also short article bath it renders my baby"s skin incredibly smooth. This variant is very much suitable for her breakable skin as it has extremely gentle formula.

Johnson"s baby soap was aacquire a component of my baby essentials. We had actually brought it to the hospital too. The soap has Vitamin E and also mosturising lotion that keeps the skin soft and also locks in moisture. It"s non drying and hypoallergenic. Unprefer a lot of various other regular soaps, this does not have actually a really solid fragrance and is therefore perfect for babies that call for mild, fragrance totally free products.

I gave initially bath to my baby with Johnson"s Baby Soap and using it given that then. This cream is composed of baby lotion and also is enriched through the goodness of vitamin E. It is gentle on baby"s skin and also makes my baby"s skin soft and supple. It also keeps her skin moisturized.

amrutha anmol | 1 year ago

The soap have the right to just nourish your baby"s skin and store the skin gentle, yet it does not lighten or improve skin complexion.

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harini | 1 year ago

Yes, adults with sensitive skin have the right to usage this baby soap. However, it might be inreliable to cleanse an outgoing adult"s skin.