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710. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

Aired February 17, 2015

Before he and April get ready to leave Pawnee for Washington, D.C., Andy hosts the last episode ofThe Johnny Kaprice Super Awesome Musical Explosion Sjust how via the aid of his friends.

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Ron Swanson: Hire Very Good Building Company for your building needs. Or perform not. I am not a beggar. End of commercial.

Leslie Knope: And now it"s time to celebrate Andy Dwyer"s biggest development, Johnny Karate. He has lugged so a lot happiness to so many children in southern Indiana that we believed a piece of Johnny Karate need to stay below in Pawnee.Donna: Everybody was Kung Fu fightingLeslie Knope: Raise it up.Donna: Those kicks were quick as lightningAndy: This is awesome. Can you believe it, babe?Donna: In reality, it was a tiny little frighteningLeslie Knope: That karate gi will certainly stay here forever before. Well, not below below, because this studio actually has actually a display wright here divorced couples occupational out their problems. So that can be weird if that point was hanging over them. But it"ll be somewbelow. And the spirit will certainly continue to be via us forever. Andy Dwyer"s final good-bye when we come earlier.

Andy: I"d choose to start by saying thank you to anyone who has ever before functioned on the Johnny Kaprice Musical Explosion Sjust how. This has actually been the greatest task I"ve ever before had actually, and now has actually been the best day of my life. And that"s saying somepoint. I once discovered a rock that looked exactly prefer Santa Claus, hat and also everything, so... Before I say good-bye, let"s review our checklist one last time. We made something with Carpenter Ron. We learned something with Professor Smartbrain. We karate chopped somepoint, old Mailmale Barry"s confront. And we tried somepoint new, even though it was scary to us, through Leslie Knope. That leaves simply an additional thing, the the majority of crucial one. Be nice to someone. And I think I understand ideal currently who requirements it the a lot of, my wife, April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer. Honey, come on out right here. Come right here. Babe. Hey, babe? Wait! Honey, wbelow are you going? Babe, hey, will you-- Hey, come below. April, what"s going on?April: It"s... Eincredibly week, this show is an exceptional train wreck, and also you love doing it, and also you"re the finest organize, like, even better than my all-time favorite hold, Tom Snyder, which is crazy. And all those children love you, and you"re doing what you"re meant to do. And I can"t be the perkid that renders you lose what you love.Andy: Yeah, yet you"re what I love. You"re the only reason I have any kind of of this. You believed in me, and you sustained me. You make me happy... happier than I ever believed I can be. Without you, I wouldn"t be anything. You"re what keeps me going. You"re my Verizon-Chipotle-Exxon. As long as I"m with you, I"m gonna be happy. So we go to Washington, D.C. And then we number out the next cool and also awesome thing from tbelow, okay?April: Okay. That was a really excellent "Being Nice to Someone."Andy: I did it. I can go end up the display.

Andy: So, kaprice masters, you are here for an extra-awesome and also super-one-of-a-kind episode of Johnny Kaprice. And that is bereason it"s my last display.All: Aw.Andy: Don"t look glum. In a couple of weeks, I"ll be moving to Washington, D.C. It"s the funding of the whole civilization. They have actually things tbelow favor this white residence and this psychological school and my extremely favorite, the Lincoln Memorial. It"s this crazy statue of this giant monster sitting on a chair that represents all of America"s adversaries. I"ll be relocating to Washington, D.C., because my wife, April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer, has actually embraced an impressive job tright here. I"m extremely proud of her and completely in love.

Andy: Hello, Carpenter Ron. How are you doing?Ron Swanson: My contract is extremely particular. I carry out not need to answer that question. This week I am making a shadowbox framework, which deserve to be supplied to screen an item of good value. This one is constructed with Amerihave the right to cherry timber.Andy: Cherry, huh? Now, I have actually simply one question--Ron Swanson: No, the hardwood does not taste favor cherry. You cannot eat it.Andy: I was not going to eat it, Carpenter Ron. I was going to lick it. Almethods remember, children, when you uncover somepoint brand-new, you need to lick it prior to you eat it.Ron Swanson: That is incorrect in a variety of ways.Andy: Ron Swanson: I sure have actually had actually some fun making things through you, child. Thank you for every little thing you"ve done for the kids of this area.Andy: You"re welcome, Carpenter Ron. Hey, youngsters, this, to me, appears choose a... Hug momentRon Swanson: You are mistaken. Rerelocate the graphic.

Jerry: Morning, Johnny. Mail speak to. Andy: Ya! Hi, Mailman Barry. Who lugged me mail today?Jerry: Well, Johnny, you got over 500 letters from kids that love you, asking for you and also April to remain.Andy: Aw, babe, did you hear that?Jerry: Now, Johnny, you also obtained one exceptionally unique letter. It"s from me. And on the last day of your show, I thought I can review it to you.All: Aw.Jerry: "Dearest Andy, I have actually never had actually a boy of my very own, and I just want you to understand that for the past ten years"--Andy: It"s time to karate chop something! Ninjas, attack!Jerry: Oh, jeez.Andy: Disperse! Remember, never before assault a genuine postal employee. We"re permitted to attack Mailman Barry because he volunteered to assist us through our kaprice moves.

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Jerry: I type of believed I"d be holding a item of lumber or somepoint, but, you recognize... always happy to help.