Saturday Night Fever before Costume


John Travolte/Tony Manero Costume

1Black Dress Shirt Start off your disco outfit via a black dress shirt as your base.

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2White Waistcoat Pair your shirt with a pristine white waistcoat.
3White Blazer Look additional snazzy when you wear a white blazer.
4White Bell Bottom Pants An iconic disco outfit isn’t complete without bell-bottom pants.
5Black Dress Shoes Get your groove on once you wear a pair of babsence dress shoes.
6Gold Chain Necklace Accessorize through a gold chain necklace.
7Disco Wig Get Tony’s signature look with this wig.
8Full Set Costume No time to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

Karen Lynn Gorney / Stephanie Mangano Costume

1Women DressRed dress for women.
2Red HeelsMatch the red dress through red heels.

Tony Manero is an Italian-Amerihave the right to Brooklyn youth who decides to spend his weekfinish nights on the dance floor and drinking at a local discothèque in order to escape the challenges of his life. He’s an symbol and all-time favorite character that made disco famous almost everywhere the human being.

Tony Manero is the king of the neighborhood dance floor. He wears a babsence dress shirt, white three-item suit via bell-bottom pants, a gold chain, and black dress shoes.

About Tony Manero

Tony Manero was illustrated by John Travolta. Travolta is likewise recognized for his roles in Pulp Fiction as Vincent Vega, Get Shorty, and Grease as Danny Zuko.

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Veronica Sawyer & Jason Dean (Heathers) Costume Veronica Sawyer’s costume is a blue blazer, a light grey skirt, blue knee-high socks, and black and white Oxfords. Jaboy Dean’s costume is a black shirt, black pants, a black trench coat, and babsence boots.

Cock Tracy & Breathmuch less Mahoney CostumePrick Tracy"s costume have the right to be done through a yellow over coat on optimal of a vest, white shirt and also tie. For Breathmuch less Mahoney" costume, obtain a black dress and also a short blonde wig.

Sharpay & Ryan Evans (High School Musical) CostumeSharpay’s costume is a pink shirt, a hot pink mini skirt, a silver glittery bolero, and a pink bedazzled microphone. Ryan’s costume is a long-sleeved button-dvery own shirt, dark pants, and a neon green beret.

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Goldmember (Austin Powers) CostumeGoldmember costume is keeping the look golden and also shiny with an all-gold jacket, pants, and shoes. Wear a balding wig and also gold chains, too! For woguys, wear gold bikini optimal & shorts.

Maverick & Charlie (Top Gun) lutz-heilmann.infoop Gun Pilot costume is a one-item olive jumpsuit via several patches is what you’ll be wearing if you’re going to be among them. Charlie’s costume have the right to conveniently be reproduced via a white button-down shirt paired through a black pencil skirt. Then top it with a black jacket. She likewise wears black pumps and also has actually a blonde hair!
Crimkid Bolt & Boltie (Super) Costume Crimboy Bolt and also Boltie’s costumes are Crimson a red long-sleeved shirt and red pants via red protective equipment scattered all approximately as well as a yellow leotard via a green skirt aoptimal, green gloves, and a green mask.
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