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- Hey, guy, you done with that apple core?


- I"m done with that fart. You want that?

- Maybe if it came out of Charlene Tilton"s ass, I"d take a bite.

- Yeah, you more than likely choose J. R., you queer. I experienced your bumper sticker, Cowboys" butts drive me nuts.

- Is that right? You think that"s queer? Is this queer? They"re big and also in charge and also lookin" for chickies.

- You wanna earlier that up?

- You wanna fight? Why do not you stick your head up my butt and fight for air?

- That"s it. You and also me. Let"s go.

- You recognize, I would certainly. I"d love to beat your ass up and down this location. I got to go ago to occupational.

- Yo, Dirt. You"re fired. Here"s your week"s pay.


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Well, that might be your problem. It"s not what you choose. It"s the consumer.
You view that moon? You don"t recognize how many nights I spent alone staring at that moon wondering if at that exact moment, my mom or my dad was looking at the same moon. And for that brief second, we were together again, sort of, you know?
Do it again, I"ll stab you in the challenge with a soldering iron.
This is a business. This is not a charity. Maybe at some point UNICEF will gain right into the impound service. But until then, we"re the people to check out.
You favor to view homos naked?
Joe Dirt (2001) Sound Clip


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Actors: David Spade (Joe Dirt), Brittany kind of Daniel (Brandy), Dennis Miller (Zander Kelly), Christopher Walken (Clem)

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