Who:Jesse Rubenis a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NYC.About The Track:This Is Why I Need You"is taken from Jesse Ruben"s forthcoming EP, "A Reply To Violence".Acoustic led, the melodies are gentle and discrete, Jesse"s vocals are soopoint and also the lyrics are thoughtful. Tright here is a very fundamental (and a little little bit soppy) tenderness below displaying an honesty that most civilization are too afraid to display. "This Is Why"I Need You" is a sentipsychological providing, overflowing through the sinceremainder appreciation for love and life.Jesse Ruben Explains:

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Who developed "This Is Why I Need You" and also wright here was it filmed?
The video was shot and edited by Dave Farah, that is a filmmaker however also a really talented singer/songwriter. We invested a couple days shooting almost everywhere my favorite parts of the city, in Williamsburg and also the Lower East Side, places where I finish up spfinishing the most time. The lyrics/computer animation was done by Brendan Wtransform, that has actually additionally worked on videos for Sia, Matt Nathanson, and Panic! At The Disco. How does the lyric video compliment the song (if at all)? I think the vibe of the video goes really well through the song. We wanted to make somepoint that was basic to watch, and also didn"t take amethod from the music. Also, having actually it be a lyric video was essential to me bereason I wanted that aspect of the song to stand out. Any behind the scenes stories?The typewriter scene in the video was pretty a lot a complete disaster. I hadn"t provided it in a while, and also it preserved obtaining stuck and/or not actually inputting letters. It more than likely took us 7 hrs just to get those few shots. Really annoying at the time, but in the end I"m psyched with just how it turned out. Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?The principle for the video wregarding amount up my life as a musician living in Brooklyn. Before I wrote "This Is Why I Need You", I had actually to take two years off from music bereason I was incredibly sick via Lyme Disease. We wanted to capture all the stuff that I had actually missed. Stuff like hanging out with my girlfrifinish and also other world I"m close to, walking approximately the neighborhood, heading right into Manhattan to go to a display. Those were the points I missed the a lot of.

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Typical life stuff. What is the message the video is trying to convey?
Hold on to the points that make you happy, do not take them for grantedInterview function by Karla Harris
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