This is a terrific story problem to make an equation for! First, recognize what you"re trying to resolve for and also assign it a variable. We want to know the moment (in weeks) it will take her to raise sufficient money for a new bike. Let"s use "w" as the variable for weeks.

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Now, each week (w) she earns $15. So, we deserve to multiply the number of weeks by 15 to check out just how a lot she has actually made in that variety of weeks:


She has actually currently saved $125 so we deserve to include that to the $15w she is earning now:

$15w + $125

Now we require our new expression to equal the amount of money she demands to buy the new bike ($245):

$15w + $125 = $245

Now just solve it:

15w + 125 = 245

-125 -125

15w = 120

/15 /15

w = 8

This tells us it will take her 8 weeks to earn sufficient money to buy the brand-new bike. If you have any type of concerns, feel totally free to reach out!

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w=variety of weeks



Subtract 125 from both sides.Divide both sides by 15

That need to leave you through "w" or the variety of weeks it"ll take.

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Shannon B.

I additionally fixed for the answer, so feel totally free to reach out if you stumble.

Jax W.

Thank you so much



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If Jennifer presently has actually $125 and also the bike costs $245, she just needs to conserve $120 even more dollars. We figure out just how much even more she demands to save by subtracting the total presently conserved ($125) from the full required ($245).

So currently that we recognize what more is essential, we attempt to number out exactly how lengthy it will take her to save up the added dollars. Tright here are multiple means to do this, yet the simplest would be to divide the full still needed ($120) by the amount that she is saving each week ($15). So our equation would be

$120 / $15

When we carry out the department out, we acquire 8. This means that if she saves $15 per week, it will take her 8 weeks to conserve $120. 8 weeks is the answer to the question asked.

To inspect ourselves, we have the right to ssuggest multiply 8 by $15, and the answer will certainly come out to $120. To even more examine ourselves, if we include $120 to the original full of $125, we have to arrive at $245, which is the total that is needed for the bike purchase.

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Jax W.

Thank you


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