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Somebody's pulling me closer to the groundI ain't panicked, I been below beforeSeems like only yesterday once I gained up on that stageIn front of that crowdAnd proved them who was that, and also what was whatMan look at these suckersI ain't no rapper, I'm a hustlerIt simply so happens that I understand exactly how to rapOKAY, I'M RELOADED!A millionUh-huh, I did it aobtain niggasFucked up, right? Ha, I knowI understand what y'all niggas asking yourselfIs he gon' ever autumn off?No...... A lot of speculationOn the monies I've made, honies I've slayedHow is he for real? Is that nigga really paid?Hustlers I've met or, encountered directIs it true he stayed in beef and slept through a TEC?What's the position you hold?Can you really enhance a triple platinum artist buck by buckBut just a solitary goin' gold?If Roc-A-Fella must fold, and also you're left out in the coldIs it ago to charging motherfuckers 11 for an O?For the millionth time, asking me questionsLike Wendy Williams, harassing meThen acquire upset as soon as I catch feelingsCan I obtain a minute to breathe? And in that minute you leaveWhile I'm looking at my Rol' ice spinning on my sleeveUgh, nice watch, do you really have actually a spot?Like you said in Frifinish or Foe and if so, what block?What you doin in L.A., via Filipinos and Eses?Latinos and also Chevys, down by Pico with FredericoI'll answer all your inquiries yet then y'all gained to goNow the question I ask you is, "How negative you wanna know?"BLAOW!
A millionRoc-A-Fella y'all, uhh, uhKnow my styleMotherfuckers can't rhyme no even more, 'bout crime no more'Til I'm no more, 'reason I'm so rawMy flow disclose holes that they discover in yoursWasn't for me, niggas still be dying for whoresBut I hate when a nigga sit ago, admiring yoursYoung blood, you better acquire that, we frying becauseNiggas don't want to be confined to riding the iron horseAnd don't listen to the rappers yo, they dying to flossI supplied to be O.T., applyin' the forceShoot up the whole block, then the iron I tossCome earlier with the clique playing Diana RossI'm the boss and also this is exactly how it's gon' beBurnt the turnpike, wild miles on the VI obtained mouths to feed 'til they put flowers on meAnd kiss my cold cheek, chicks crying prefer I was CochiseTombstone check out, "He was holdin' no leaks"Started from the crack game and also then so sweetFreaked it to the rap game, Jigga the O.GOn MTV, informing 'em how I sold DAnd provided to bag occupational up out of apartment 4-BMe and also my homie, began out co-d'sPicked the mailbox lock 'reason I ain't have no keyHad the cable via the anchor as soon as Jaz made 'Sophie'Then I went low vital, yet now I'm earlier, it's onMotherfuckers!