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Call a Bondulance is a catchexpression often used as a reactivity to insystematic short articles or short articles containing serious misspellings which humorously means that the perkid that composed the write-up is having a stroke. The catchexpression originated as a punchline of a viral tweet made in December 2014.

thepunningmale tweeted a joke about James Bond having actually a stroke and failing to current himself via his iconic catchphrase "My name is Bond, James Bond." After mixing up the words twice, Bond realizes that he is having actually a stroke and asks to "call a Bondulence," interpretation ambulance. The tweet obtained over 15,800 retweets and also 27,600 likes in 5 years and also has actually been reposted multiple times on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and other digital platcreates multiple times in the complying with years.<2><3>


While the exact initially instance of usage of the catchexpression "call a bondulance" for the objective of mocking misspellings and also incoherent articles is unwell-known, such comments witnessed a far-ranging rise in use in 2019. For example, a February 1st, 2019, reply to Harry Styles" post by Twitter<5> user
bruhndaa got over 1,300 likes (presented listed below, left). A July 6th, 2019, reply to Nathan Sharp"s tweet by Twitter<6> user
OneTrueLoser obtained over 180 likes (shown below, right).


In enhancement to intake in replies, the catchphrase has frequently been offered as a titled for jokes and memes around strokes on Reddit<7> and also Imgur.<8>



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