In the fourth episode of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan entitled ‘The Wolf’, we pick up through Suleiman’s brvarious other, Ali (Haaz Sleiman) as he makes his escape from Paris through the mountainous location of Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. A Gendarmerie officer (Bryan Morneau) lights him up for speeding and pulls him over. Ali remains calm and also speaks politely to the Gendarme, that asks for his license and registration. As Ali digs in the glove compartment, the officer notices blood on Ali’s sweater and gets visibly nervous. But then a call comes in over the radio and also the officer leaves Ali with directions to stay in the auto. As Ali watches the officer in the mirrors, he gets a grip on the handgun stamelted between his seat and also the gearbox and psyches himself approximately shoot the officer. But when the officer retransforms, he hands the paperwork earlier to Ali and lets him off through a warning.

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Matt McCoy, Brittany kind of Drisdelle, Shailene Garnett in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

At the same time, Jack and also Sandrine pull right into a gas station and while Jack pumps the gas, Sandrine asks if Cathy’s texted him ago. Jack says, “Nope…don’t tell me, that’s bad?” Sandrine shrugs – Cathy’s a medical professional, she’s probably just really busy – “or, she’s an idiot.” As she heads right into the keep, Sandrine provides Jack a flirty smile, saying she would have texted earlier by now. (Awww…I think Sandrine wants Jack to be Husband #5.)

Up ahead, Cluzet and Greer spot Ali’s vehicle. They acquire out to examine, and also discover it’s abandoned. Then Greer notices that a couple of various other cars are parked surrounding – and also one’s lacking. Ali switched cars – to one that just happens to be parked ideal beside Jack and also Sandrine. But at initially Jack’s too busy waving his cell phone roughly to see if he can acquire a signal and check out if he heard from Cathy. But then he does alert the vehicle, and peeks in the window – it’s been hot-wired. Red flags going up in his head, he walks around the automobile, checking the backseat and also trunk – simply as Ali emerges from the bathroom on the other side of the building.

Ali walks up behind Jack and also draws his weapon – yet then Sandrine comes out of the save and sees him. She draws and fires – Ali fires earlier as Jack dives behind Ali’s vehicle and also realizes he doesn’t have actually his weapon. Then a Gendarme that just happens to be tbelow also comes running out of the save and pulls his gun on Sandrine, yelling at her to drop hers. She transforms on him without instantly identifying herself, and he shoots her.

As Sandrine goes down, Ali shoots the Gendarme and puts him down. Jack scurries approximately to the front of Sandrine’s vehicle and also as Ali circles about, Jack jumps into the front seat and also digs in the glove box for his gun. Ali fires a few more times, nearly hitting him – but then he runs out of ammo. As Jack emerges and starts firing, Ali books it throughout the road and also into the woods. Jack tends to Sandrine, who’s bleeding badly. He yells for the gas station attendant to speak to for an ambulance. Sandrine tells Jack to seek Ali, and also he reluctantly leaves her.

Jack adheres to Ali’s footprints and blood trail to a woodshed and checks it out. Ali jumps him and the two of them fight simply as tough as they did in Yemen. Ali virtually maneras to choke Jack to fatality, but then Jack starts punching Ali in his wounded side. Jack gets totally free and also manages to grab his gun earlier – he slams the butt upside Ali’s head, knocking him flat.

Both men battle to their feet – Jack asks Ali wright here the assault is going to happen. Ali draws on Jack and also Jack shoots him, placing him dvery own. Ali dies staring Jack in the challenge, and he’s horrified at what he’s done. Then he gets back to the gas station just to discover that Sandrine is dead, as well. (No! Waaah!)

Cut to Andrews Air Force Base, as Greer and also Jack obtain off their airplane and also head for their cars. Greer advises Jack not to go residence and also simply sit approximately staring at the walls, reasoning also a lot. He claims Jack can call him if he demands talking down – however only if he really needs it. So of course, Jack does what Greer told him not to carry out and goes home. Luckily, though, he gets a message earlier from Cathy, who’s in the middle of preparing herself a disgustingly healthy and balanced bowl of veggies for dinner. She says she’d love to fulfill him.

Cut to the 2 of them at a neighborhood bar and also crab shack – one that Jack used to go to in college. It’s Cathy’s initially time cracking crabs and also they both laugh at how disastrous she is at it. Then she realizes her water glass is chipped. Jack calls over a manager called Buster (John Robinson) and also starts yelling at him, acting favor an extremely wound-up a**hole – convincingly sufficient that you think he might be venting his rage over whatever that occurred on this bad man.

Cathy absolutely gets freaked out – till both Jack and the manager bust up laughing. Turns out Buster is an old friend of his father’s. Both of them were Baltimore P.D. ago in the day. Jack then tells Cathy a story about drinking his first beer at the bar behind them, and also seeing his girlfrifinish making out via his ideal frifinish. Jack claims he and also his dad just sat there drinking beers in silence until his dad ultimately turned to him and also sassist, “Whenever before you’re all set.”

“Ready for what?” Cathy asks. “To relocate on, I guess,” Jack replies – and it’s as if his father is appropriate tbelow, providing him advice on his existing case. Cathy then asks precisely what a “State Department Supply Chain Logistician” actually does. Jack tries to dodge it by just saying it’s boring, yet she’s not going for it. So Jack offers her the full cover, that it’s his job to make certain officials and ambassadors have actually everything they require as soon as they travel abroad. It’s all about receipts and manifests, he claims. Cathy appears to accept it and also states it really does sound boring and won’t ask aacquire. Jack walks Cathy house and also politely asks if he have the right to speak to on her again. Being the confident, contemporary woman, Cathy’s prefer, hell with that. You’re coming in currently. Once inside her posh apartment, they waste no time getting each other’s clothing off – and tbelow are plenty of shots of Jack’s scarred-up back and recent knife wound. No method Cathy isn’t seeing that – however for now it’s bow-chicka-wow-wow time.

The next morning in Paris, a funeral’s happening for that priest we saw acquire mugged and also stabbed 2 episodes back – remember that guy? In the audience sit the priest’s attackers, along with Dudayev (Goran Kostic) – all 3 of them dressed as clergymans. Interreduced flashbacks display those vials Dudayev packed up in bottles of olive oil ago in Syria being loaded into old artillery shells with cell phones tape-recorded to them in the earlier of a van driving through Paris.

Dudayev and the various other two males exreadjust looks as the Bishop (Charles Roger-Bour) gets up and also starts eulogizing. The 3 of them each have a duffel bag at their feet, covert by their robes. They switch on the cell phones as the Bishop calls for everyone to stand also and pray. Then Dudayev and the others acquire up and calmly walk out of the church.

When they gain outside, they lock the main doors via a hefty chain and padlock – and as they walk off dvery own the block, Dudayev uses his phone to activate the shells. Back inside the church, all three shells pop inside their bags and release streams of gas right into the air. Within seconds, everyone’s coughing – then everyone starts rushing the exits. As the secs pass and the gas fills the church, world start collapsing – and those left trample over each other to gain to the doors, just to discover them locked. They’re all trapped – and also they’re all dying.



Wow, so a lot packed right into one episode that wasn’t also a full hour long! The shootout at the gas station was impressive – I’m glad they provided Sandrine a possibility to kick some a** before she went out. I’m still mad around that – Marie-Josée Croze was awesome and also I really wish they hadn’t killed her off. Honestly, I think she and Jack made a better couple than Jack does with Cathy ideal currently – they’re sort of blah. No sparks whatsoever before between them, I hate to say.

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Buuuut anymeans, just a pair of sloppy things I noticed, favor exactly how Lt. Cluzet has actually apparently been functioning counter-terrorism all this time yet doesn’t identify a set of prayer beads? Or how the drone they’re using to follow Ali can’t “see” at night yet don’t they outfit drones via infrared/thermal cameras? Also, I wish it had been made a little bit clearer simply what the power structure was with Suleiman and also Al Radwan. I expect, I know Al Radwan was the “boss”up till Suleiguy took his project in this episode, but boss of what? Were they part of ISIS or some various other group? It would’ve simply be valuable to recognize that ahead of time.

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