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I"ve Fallen and also I Can"t Get Up is a memorable phrase uttered by the character Mrs. Fletcher, an elderly woguy, in a 1989 LifeCall medical alert device commercial. Used in advertisements for both Life Call and also Life Alert clinical communication gadgets, the phrase inspired numerous parodies, remixes and viral videos in the 30 years considering that its release.


In 1989, the expression made its first utterance in a commercial for the clinical alert device LifeCall. In the commercial, the character Mrs. Fletcher (portrayed by Edith Fore) drops while in the bathroom and also uses LifeCall to contact for assistance and also claims, "I"ve fallen and I can"t acquire up" (presented below). Subscribers use the tool to soptimal directly to a dispatch organization and carry out help for seniors that are living alone.


Dispute Over Ownership

Shortly after the release of the LifeCall, a competing firm, Life Alert, asserted to have actually been using the expression because 1985. On December 1nine, 1990, Eric Bordo, who operated on the campaign, told the Phoenix New Times,<1> "We created the commercial 5 years earlier yet originally it was a male who made the statement."

Edith Fore, that states the line in the LifeCall ad, told the New Times that she came up via the line and based on a real occurrence that she defined in the time of the scripting of the city. She shelp, "I provided them a summary of what taken place and then they wrote it up for me so it made sense."

In Popculture

Because the release of the commercial, the line has been paropassed away and offered for parodies, standup comedy and t-shirts. The commercial has actually been provided on the television series The Goldbergs, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air , The Golden Girls and even more. On April 20th 2014, the YouTube account iiAFX shared a compilation of references to the commercial on tv. The write-up got more than 932,000 views in much less than salso years (presented below).

Parody Videos

Parodies of the commercial have been on the internet for more than a decade. On November 12th, 2009, YouTuber RandomAsICanB mutual "I"ve fallen and also I can"t gain up! spoof / parody." The short article got even more than 10,000 views in much less than 12 years (displayed below, left).

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Three years later, on April 11th, 2012, YouTuber West Coast Baptist College common "Life Alarm – "I"ve Fallen and also I Can"t Get Up" Parody." The short article received more than 667,000 views in much less than nine years (displayed listed below, right).