Not many type of human being as that question but I hope I have the right answer for you. I think that it indicates that in a connection love is never present in any kind of connection. The song say that "It takes a fool to learn that love do not love nobody." So the song is saying that you are a fool if you you think that love is not possible in a partnership or even in basic.

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The true definition of love is this:

Having a "Meeting of Minds" which implies that you and also your unique someone feel as if your minds are of one. This Makes every little thing you execute for each various other unconditional..It is an extremely distinct feeling and somepoint that you"ve never proficient before through anyone. It is likewise a really warm and positive feeling as well. You have the right to be in the exact same room together yet standing acomponent from each various other and also feel each other"s existence in that incredibly very same room all the time.

It is also about:

sharing open communication daily which builds trust

Being a actual friend bereason this will always last a lifetime

Sharing values that mean everything to you and also to your distinct someone, each and also eextremely day

Accepting people as they are, without judging them.

Acknowledging that you value your unique someone"s feeling of People and feeling of Trust each and also everyday.

This is prefer in the 60s as soon as there was so much "free love" expressed so openly. You love no one in particular. It"s all just one general emotion.

I think civilization are referring to the fact that falling in love can often have actually negative outcomes. For example, you have the right to love someone now and absolutely hate them tomorrow.

Some ppl are in love through love itself, just the principle of being in love. But to actually love someone and also they love u. Not the fantasy.

I think it indicates, you have no regulate over love; all is fair in love.... we deserve to be in love and also while I"m planning my life through you, you could autumn for someone else; you might also die and in both instances, I"m without you... hurting and also loss and also without your love.

you guys have all the wrong answers,, it mean what it do not love nobody.

perhaps including a comma mite aid, so it will be

love, do not love anybody

meaning: the person is addressing you as love and then tellin u not to love anybody..

similar to: darling, dont love anybody

There is no genuine answer to this question but what I have actually learned of what love is to me and that is the word LOVE itself holds the answer.......

(L)isten: and validay them by hearing and empathizing.

(O)verlook: their minor character flaws as they will certainly overlook yours.

(V)alue: who they are and also what they expect to you.

(E)xpress: exactly how you love them not simply with words however with actions.

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