Geoff: Well, I"ve been really stressed,and my health is acquiring worse bereason I haven"t been going to the gym orobtaining enough sleep. I"ve obtained sick twice in the last 2 months!

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Meaning: When somepoint "takesa toll on" something, it indicates that the topic is having a negativeimpact on the object of the idiom.Normally, the idiom "take a toll on" is used as soon as a person or thing hasbeen doing a particular activity a lot, and that activity is beginning to have actually anegative influence on theperboy or thingdoing it. Inthe example above, Geoff has actually been working late a lot, and also the added time at workand anxiety is having actually an unfavorable influence on, or "taking a toll on",Geoff"s health. The expression deserve to beprovided via the word "a" or "its" interchangeably, so theexample over could have likewise been "Yeah, and also it"s beginning to take itstoll on me" without a readjust in definition.Look at another instance entailing a things that is being affected:
Michael: Yeah, I love the automobile, however web traffic isreally beginning to take its toll on the engine. I"ve damaged dvery own twice in the last month, andthere"s a weird sound coming from under the hood.
Michael: It"s from 1972, and it was greatas soon as I drove brief distances, yet I don"t think it was created sitting intraffic. Hopetotally I have the right to uncover acollector who desires to reclaim it. ThenI deserve to use the money as a dvery own payment on something a tiny newer and moretrusted.
In this instance, Michael claims herequirements to get a brand-new auto bereason the traffic is "taking its toll" on his existing automobile. He thinks sitting in traffic is having actually anegative result on the older automobile, so he is reasoning about marketing it and buyingsomepoint more recent. Notice that Michael offered "its" instead of"a" in the idiom (although "taking a toll" would additionally be technicallycorrect in this instance).
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