21) Eexceptionally computer has a(n) ________, which is a program that controls that computer's sources.

You are watching: ________ is the process whereby multiple operating systems share the same hardware.

A) operating system

B) browser

C) central processing unit

D) instruction set

22) Which of the following operating devices was developed by the open resource community?

A) Opera

B) Windows

C) Linux

D) Mac OS

23) Which of the adhering to operating devices is most typically used?

A) Linux

B) Windows

C) Unix

D) Mac OS

24) Programs that manage the server computer's sources are ________.

A) client operating systems

B) client application programs

C) server operating systems

D) server application programs

25) An individual buying a computer regime ________.

A) accrues licapability for the intake of the program

B) deserve to install the regime on multiple computers

C) just buys a license to use the product

D) can also usage many various other programs utilizing the license

26) ________ is the procedure by which multiple operating systems share the same hardware.

A) Machine coding

B) Virtualization

C) License sharing

D) Cloud computing

27) A grocery scanning checkout device is an example of ________.

A) vertical-industry software

B) horizontal-market software

C) a one-of-a-type application

D) an operating system

28) Software that provides capabilities widespread throughout all organizations and also markets is known as ________ software.

A) vertical-industry application

B) market-wide

C) horizontal-industry application

D) generic-application

29) Application programs that call for programs various other than a web browser on a user's computer are dubbed ________.

A) thin-client applications

B) horizontal applications

C) vertical applications

D) thick-client applications

30) Which of the complying with is true of thick-client applications?

A) A thick-client application is an application regime that need not be preinstalled on the client.

B) All various other points being equal, thin-client applications are desired over thick client applications.

C) A thick-client application does not require preinstallation of client code.

D) In large organizations which use thick-client applications, update installation and version administration are inexpensive.

31) Which of the following is true of in-home custom-developed software?

A) They are less expensive than off-the-shelf software program.

B) The company has to tailor its applications to the software program.

C) They are easy and comparatively cheap to make.

D) Custom-arisen software need no adaption also if needs readjust.

32) ________ is a type of computer software which is installed in one-of-a-kind, read-just memory in devices prefer printers or communication devices.

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A) Firmware

B) Instruction set

C) Operating system

D) Browser

33) ________ is computer code as written by humans and that is understandable by people.