To is a preplace through numerous meanings, including “toward” and “till.”Too is an adverb that deserve to expect “excessively” or “also.”Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, however it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number.

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In the pecking order of points that drive grammar sticklers mad, to and also are close to the optimal. It’s very common to watch them puzzled, abused, and also misprovided, and not simply in YouTube comments or on Reddit. People seem to mix up these 2 funny little words almost everywhere the area, and also it’s somepoint that have the right to take place to anyone.

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How to Use To

To is a preposition and a functional bit word that have the right to be offered to say many type of points. You can use it to suggest a goal or a direction of motion, and also a area of arrival. That’s the method you use it as soon as you say you’re going to course tomorrow. To additionally plays a role once we want to show that a verb is an infinitive.

You’ll regularly usage to once you desire to show a relationship in between words, connection prefer possession, attachment, and also addition. You gain attached to human being, you have actually things that belong to you. To is also used to show a selection or a period of time, prefer when you say it will take you 5 to ten minutes to complete somepoint.

Tbelow are other points for which we usage the word to, however by now you should understand enough of them to make sure you notice the distinction in between it and too.

How to Use Too

Too is likewise a valuable bit word, but it’s not a preposition favor to, and also it doesn’t have actually as many type of interpretations. You can use it rather of “besides,” “in addition,” “also,” or “too.” But you can usage it for other things, as well, like once you want to suggest excessiveness. If you uncover grammar difficult, you can say that it’s as well difficult. In casual speech, speakers periodically use as well in the sense of “very”: That gal is too funny!

To, Too, and Two

Apart from being spelled very similarly, to and also as well are pronounced the same—. And there’s another word that’s additionally pronounced that way: the number two. We contact words that share a pronunciation homophones, and if you take a look at any kind of list of generally perplexed words, you’ll discover plenty of homophones on it. Words choose there, their, and also they’re, your and you’re, and bear and also bare are up tright here, in addition to to, too, and two. It doesn’t issue whether the homophones have different definitions and offers or if they are in entirely different word classes; we still mix them up.

The only method to deal with this is to repeat over and over aobtain what each of the homophones indicates so that world that don’t know it gain the chance to learn. For those who recognize the difference, a few minutes of proofanalysis should solve the worry.

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How to Remember the Difference Between To and also Too

Due to the fact that they are pronounced the same, you don’t have to worry about mixing approximately and too in speech. It’s composing that creates troubles. But there’s an easy way to make certain you’re making use of the correct word. Due to the fact that to have the right to be provided in more ways than also, it’s less complicated to remember that too can be reinserted via “also,” “very,” or “excessively.” If you’re not sure whether the to you’ve created need to actually be a as well, try replacing it through among those substitutes. If it works, you’ve made a mistake. If it doesn’t, you’re good. You deserve to execute the same to make certain that your toos are indeed toos and also not tos.

Instances of To vs. Too

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Had David Cameron not won an election he never meant to win, he can not have actually lost a referendum he never intended to lose.—The Guardian

Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale has actually announced his engagement to irreversible girlfrifinish Emma Rhys-Jones.—The Daily Mirror

The Afrideserve to turquoise killifish has actually among the shortest lifespans of all vertebrates: it reaches the ripe old age of only 3 to twelve months.—New Scientist

But from what we’ve seen in this tournament I think she meant it, also.—The Guardian

Chances are that too much indevelopment running via our little brains clouds our reasoning, making it even more hard to do our tasks.—TechCrunch

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