Nikeisha asks: Is tbelow a distinctive distinction in between bottled water and distilled water if using on the hair?


Also, I have heard human being say that taking a dip in the sea helps with skin and hair difficulties.. is this because of the country/climate one stays in or is it a myth. If I were to wash my hair with some sea salt in the water would it cause my hair to weaken?


Hi Nikeisha. Thanks for your concerns.

I’ll answer the initially question here and also the second in another short article.

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It might seem prefer a really straightforward question yet really it’s not, so i’m going to have to break it up into sections to obtain a full knowledge of the answer. Here goes!

The Problem With Tap Water


All my study absolutely says that tap (hard) water is exceptionally poor for our hair and also skin as the chlorine and various other chemicals deposited in the water deserve to have actually a very negative impact.

Your skin is a living sponge that absorbs basically anything that comes in contact via it. That is one factor your skin is so delicate to chemicals in water. Chlorine oxides are developed as soon as chlorine enters the skin. These chlorine oxides are linked to aging, freckles, and also skin de-pigmentation, and itchy/ flaky skin. Chlorine dries out hair, makes it brittle, and also leaves it looking dull and also damaged. (3).

Like your skin, your hair is "wide open" as soon as it is in warm water and it absorbs the chlorine, which strips the hair shaft of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dull. Also, chlorine and various other chemicals uncovered in tap water can interfere with and shorten the "life" of hair colouring, highlights and also other hair treatments.

Tap water regularly consists of at leastern as a lot, if not more, chlorine than is recommfinished for usage in swimming pools.(2)

So if you live in a tough water location it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in purer , softer water for much better wellness benefits, consisting of skin and also hair. The best question is what sort of purified water is better?

So What Is the Difference Between Bottled and also Distilled?

Distilled water is the product of distillation, meaning the original water resource has been converted into heavy steam and then cooled down till it condenses into its last distilled develop. This indicates hefty minerals and steels such as salt and iron do not primarily make it through the convariation to heavy steam and are left behind as residue. Distilled water consists of only scant traces of the minerals contained in natural spring water and other water sources.(1)

Bottled water, however, might not necessarily be much better than tap water in some instances. “An approximated 25 percent or even more of bottled water is really simply tap water in a bottle—occasionally additionally treated, occasionally not.” (2)

Types of bottled water

The UK Food Safety Administration list 3 kinds of bottled water for usage. Natural mineral water is water that originates from an underground table or deposit which emerges from a spring and also is tapped at one or even more herbal exits. Spring Water originates from an underground water source, is bottled at the source and also satisfies organic labelling needs. Bottled drinking water is drinking water that doesn’t come from a spring or organic mineral source and also may come from a selection of sources, including municipal supplies. Natural Mineral WaterNatural mineral water should come from a well-known spring and should be tapped from a herbal exit. The spring need to be free from air pollution, and particular information about the source must be well-known. The water’s physical and chemical features have to be analysed. In addition, this information must be gathered over time to make certain the properties of the water reprimary regular and also for quality regulate functions.Spring WaterSpring water must come from an aquifer or various other water deposit point. Its chemical composition require not be constant; however, it have to be bottled at the source to be labelled spring water. Bacterial nest counts and also other organic data should be repeatedly checked. Spring water is intended for usage without therapy and also its label should incorporate information on the spring from which the water was taken.Bottled Drinking WaterBottled drinking water has actually no restrictions on treatments as long as these therapies don’t make the water unsuitable for human intake. However, this water should satisfy specific safety and security guidelines collection forth by the Food Safety Administration.(4)

My Suggestion

From all that we’ve learned, distilled water appears to be better than bottled water for the purposes of washing our hair as we just can’t be sure of the top quality of the bottled water we are buying.

But MY question now is – is distilled water better than filtered water for our hair?

The factor why we require purified water to wash our hair, as stated above, is bereason it includes much much less toxins, harsh chemicals and mineral deposits that deserve to be damaging to our vulnerable hair and also scalp. Distilled water is absolutely one road to travel yet is it worth the vital expense. In my opinion No. A shower filter is a lot cheaper than a consistent demand for distilled water and also a lot of last from 6 months to a year. They focus on rerelocating toxins such as chlorine and difficult mineral deposits out of the water for a much safer showering endure. Depending on the filter you buy will certainly depfinish on the outcomes that you get so shop about and also do your research first prior to you buy one. If you can afford one, then a whole home filter mechanism will be perfect, a bit costly to install however well worth the investment. You deserve to additionally buy little filter balls to put in your bath if you don’t have a shower.

And tright here you have it. A regular circulation of purer water for healthier hair!

However if this is not possible and also tap/difficult water is all that’s easily accessible at this time, don’t worry too a lot as using a chelating shampoo as soon as in a while is excellent at removing the minerals deposited in your hair.

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Sorry for the size of the post however it was a lot to acquire with. I hope this helps.



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