Event/POI Name:Event/POI Type:Event/POI Zone:
Inner Inpursuit Complex
Point of Interest
Metrica Province
Notes:The entrance to this Point of Interest is on the opposite side of the map. You need to find Point of Interemainder Transfer Gate, and once you enter the complex you will be move into Inner Inpursuit Complex (inside the Inquest Outer Complex).

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Region: Maguuma Jungle | Level: 1-15 | Point of InterestSkill PointVistaRenown HeartWaypoint
Terranexic LlabDefeat UtcuaVistaSupport Doola’s Golemancing researchSoren Draa Waypoint
Incenirgen LabsSkill Challenge Defeat Master Genius Jettz and his aides. VistaAssist Professor Gahf in teaching his young progenyHydrone Unit Waypoint
Battleground PlazaSkill Challenge: Defeat Golemancer Gitt and his protoform golemsVistaAssist the Opticalium with lightning researchJeztar Falls Waypoint
Splorge Metaphysics LabOola Skill ChallangeVistaHelp Blopp sheight the Inquest from using hylek poichild to drive lake creatures crazyLoch Waypoint
The OpticaliumCuatle Health GooVistaUse Researcher Kaii’s SCRAP-Suit to help him manage Incomp’s scrap heapAkk Wilds Waypoint
Aquannian Research GroupSkill Challenge Defeat the prehistoric ember and its minions VistaAssist PR&T Esoterics with ooze researchOld Golem Factory Waypoint
Aeronautics labSkill Challenge Defeat Babsence Ice 4444VistaHelp Brill Alliance examine the skrittMichotl Grounds Waypoint
Durotl Grounds Luminates Plant Skill ChallengeVistaAssistance Hrouda preserve the ecomechanism in spite of Dr. Bleent’s researchArterium Haven Waypoint
Dr. Bleent’s encampmentVistaAssist Parnna’s research into the prehistoric transfer chamberSurvivor’s Encampment Waypoint
Parnna’s GateHelp Shoon’s salvage krewe attend to InquestArtegon Waypoint
Conduit tower BliggAid the Michotl tribeRana Landing Complex Waypoint
Brill Alliance LabsAssistance the Lionguard store the Cuatl hylek in checkDesider Atum Waypoint
Old Oola LabAssist the Chaos kreweAnthill Waypoint
Old Flamen LabAssistance the C.L.E.A.N. kreweMuridian Waypoint
Transfer gate (Private)Help the Luminates plant krewe preserve the power gridHexane Regrade Waypoint
Inner Inpursuit ComplexAid Peacemaker Owta disrupt the Inquest complexCautl Waypoint
Conduit Tower Nopp
Conduit Tower Scoln
C.L.E.A.N. Station
Incomp Optics
Transformer Hub Kachong
PR&T Esoterics
Biocauldron Alchemics
Event – Location of a fightEvent – Location of a brawlEvent – Destination or allude of interestEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Boss enemy
Prevent Inpursuit thieves from stealing boxes of golem components and fleeing Soran DraaAssistance Peaceequipments weaken the malfunctioning PM-900a golemsAid Keela unmask the cheats trying to gather information at the chess tables prior to they escapeInvestigate Inquest task in the Golemagical InstituteDestroy the experimental Insearch golem
Destroy the beacons powering the Insearch agqua labRerevolve the toxic oozes to the storage tanks inside PR&T EsotericsUse a sizemachanger rifle to rerotate the tiny progeries to their normal size without making mosquito monstersDeffinish the etheropods while Bluz harvests breeze rider eyesDefeat the air elemental assaulting the Opticalium krewe
Save Parnna from the guardian golemsRecover the stolen LUM0009 golems from the InquestDefend the RCK – 7550 golem as it stores energyBreak the ooze estimate and also slay oozes to fill the PR&T ooze sludge reservoir
Destroy the cage control nodes to free the salvage specialistsDefend Yerkk while he isolates skritt for his IQ experimentsDefeat Chief Cipactli to cost-free Fixx and pacify the hylek
Destroy the Inquest research podsAssistance Parnna acquire her matrix crystal converter earlier from the skritt leader TuscratchtakGroup Event: Defeat the large ooze at Doctor Bleent’s camp
Drive the skritt from Brill Alliance labSpeak the krait from damaging hylek eggsDestroy the Inquest’s Golems
Destroy the hylek village and help the Lionguard recuperate their stolen gives Escort Caracotl to Michotl GroundsDefeat the Hylek chieftain
Destroy the chaotic products created by the reactor meltdvery own Kill the Cuatle thievesKill the Chaos creature
Intercept the insearch saboteurs prior to they reach the power stationDeffinish the provides in Arterium Haven from hylekKill the air elepsychological that surged out of power grid
Escort Rikkiti as she brings a message to the Lionguard attack pressure Destroy the Ice Monster
Drive off the Inquest at Survivor’s EncsmpmentGroup Event Destroy the fire elepsychological created from chaotic power fmaking use of via the C.L.E.A.N. 5000s power core.
Assistance Quabb make it out of the Serpentwind with his researchDestroy the misinserted poison creature
Escort Rikkiti as she brings a message to the Lionguard attack force
Escort the C.L.E.A.N. 5000 golem while it absorbs clouds of chaos magic
Protect Orl’s research study krewe
Event – NPC that collects occasion itemEvent – Location/NCOMPUTER to defend or capture
Help Chott collect opals for a prototype golem weaponDrive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium Lab
Help ploint collect raptor eggs for his experiment
Collect golem components for Wallas H.A.Z.M.A.T. suits

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