1. The end of a long bone that is originally separated from the major bone by a layer of cartilage yet later becomes united to the major bone via ossification.

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ep′i·phys′i·al (ĕp′ə-fĭz′ē-əl), ep′i·phys′e·al adj.
1. (Anatomy) the finish of a lengthy bone, initially separated from the shaft (diaphysis) by a area of cartilage that ultimately ossifies so that the two parts fusage together


(ɪˈpɪf ə sɪs) n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
1. either of the ends of a long bone separated from the shaft by cartilage but later ossifying via it.
e•piph`y•se′al (-ˈsi əl, -ˈzi-) ep•i•phys•i•al (ˌɛp əˈfɪz i əl) adj.
epiphysis - the finish of a lengthy bone; initially separated from the main bone by a layer of cartilage that inevitably ossifies so the parts become fused
epiphysis - a little endocrine gland in the brain; located beneath the earlier component of the corpus callosum; secretes melatonin
ductless gland also, endocrine gland also, endocrine - any kind of of the glands of the endocrine device that secrete hormones directly right into the bloodstream
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The patient, named Emale, endured from a condition that was an outcome of a slipweb page of the growth plate at the peak of her thigh bone called "Slipped funding femoral epiphysis."
Eman"s problem was a result of a slippage of the development plate at the height of her thigh bone dubbed slipped capital femoral epiphysis. Slipped capital feethical epiphysis is a problem that affects both components of the hip joint (round and also socket) and also as soon as the bevery one of the hip joint slips on the growth plate throughout development.
"It begins when the development plate, which is cartilage at the end of the bone, starts to attach the epiphysis, or bone cap, to the long bone with small calcifications.
The radiographs of the spine and pelvis demonstrated flattening of dorsal vertebral bodies (platyspondyly), thoracolumbar scoliosis, spina bifida at LV5 and also SV1 levels and also dysplastic bilateral proximal femoral epiphysis and metaphysis (Figure 2).
In unilateral brief MCP cases, we need to evaluate the feasible childhood injury, osteomyelitis, and also infections of epiphysis, which we can not exclude in our situation (4).
Select topics incorporate physeal injuries, elbow fractures, developmental dysplasia of the hip, slipped capital feethical epiphysis, and also Blount illness.
An osteochondroma is classified right into 2 forms, i.e., either sessile or pedunculated and also normally occurs within the metaphysis commonly projecting away from epiphysis.<1> Osteochondromas generally locate around the knee (50%) in which distal femur is the the majority of prevalent site.<2>
Spontaneous regression of osteochondroma of the distal femur: A Pediatric situation report and literary works review
In 1929 Parker defined the usage of plaster abductions casts to position the entire epiphysis within the acetabulum.
Multiple endochondromatosis (Ollier disease) involve huge and also little tubular and flat bones and are found in epiphysis, metaphysis and shaft.
22, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- High childhood body mass index (BMI) is strongly associated with slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), according to a research published digital Oct.
Strong Link for Peds Obesity, Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis; Children via severe weight problems at 5 to 6 years and also 11 to 12 years old have raised danger for SCFE
(2,7,8) In addition, the anatomic pattern of radiographic eruption of an individual epiphysis and also symmetrical eruption of both elbows have the right to exhibit varicapability.

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