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Stricture has supposed many things via the centuries, and also its "restriction" meaning—probably the many prevalent one today—is actually the a lot of recent. High-institution teachers frequently put strictures on texting throughout class. Cities concerned around their murder price have actually slapped strictures on the possession of handguns. And the United Nations may vote to put strictures on arms sales to a country that keeps violating worldwide treaties. With the interpretation "strong criticism", stricture is slightly old-fashioned now, but it"s still provided by intellectuals. So, for instance, an write-up may amount to a harsh stricture on the entirety clinical profession, or an art testimonial may just expush the critic"s strictures on sentimental paints of cute little bit dwellings through glowing windows.

the church"s strictures on the morals and mores of modern society the brand-new zoning strictures effectively make even more advancement alengthy the riverfront commercially unviable
Recent Instances on the Internet The government’s stricture on the publication of terrifying publications confirmed pointmuch less, there being plenty of terror to be read on the roadways. — Benjamin Wallace-well, The New Yorker, 12 Aug. 2021 Abiding by the District’s stricture that no even more than 50 civilization gather, the arts center offered over the Opera Housage to a concert filbrought about just 2 percent of the auditorium’s capacity. — Washington Post, 27 Sep. 2020 Iran has additionally broken almost eexceptionally stricture of the pact because the U.S. leave. — Zachary Halaschak, Washington Examiner, 19 Aug. 2020 Because then, Iran has actually increasingly violated the original strictures of the deal. — Zachary Halaschak, Washington Examiner, 5 June 2020 The 5 books that Zink has actually publimelted since 2014 are identified by a fervent restlessness, a desire to disregard the strictures that generally confine the modern novel. — Anattracted Martin, The New York Rewatch of Books, 13 May 2020 The stricture against straight financing has actually held up also with a collection of situations when central bankers did in reality buy plenty of public debt. — Ben Holland also,, 28 Apr. 2020 Those who break such strictures are smitten (or whacked through fines of approximately 4% of global turnover). — The Economist, 23 Apr. 2020 While dioceses in the United States have been forced to change to new conditions, Catholic churches worldwide have faced tougher strictures. — Nicholas Rowan, Washington Examiner, 17 Mar. 2020

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History and also Etymology for stricture

Center English, from Late Latin strictura, from Latin strictus, previous participle