Which of the complying with suggests an abusually low sperm count?A. azospermiaB. prostatorrheaC. aspermiaD. oligospermia

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Which of the adhering to indicates an abcommonly prolonged erection of the penis?A. priapismB. penoceleC. phimosisD. erectile dysfunction

A male is unable to ejaculate the sperm and also is thought about sterile, after he had actually which of the following surgery?A. vasovasostomyB. vesiculectomyC. circumcisionD. vasectomy

The medical term for the inflammation of the glans penis is:A. prostatitisB. epididymitisC. balanitisD. orchitis

Which of the following is a tiny hard painmuch less ulcer on the penis as an initial symptom of syphilis?A. chancreB. papillomaC. prostatorrheaD. penocele

A viral STD that has actually been shown to increase the threat of a cancer of penis in guys and also a cervical cancer in women?A. hepatitis BB. genital herpesC. huguy papillomavirusD. gonorrhea

Which of the complying with is the surgical removal of the testis?A. orchiectomyB. orchioplastyC. hydrocelectomyD. orchiopexy

Which of the following is a swelling of the scrotum brought about by the liquid accumulation?A. phimosisB. hydroceleC. impotence D. hydrophimosis

Which of the following is the absence of living sperm in semen?A. oligospermiaB. azoospermiaC. aspermiaD. necrospermia

Which of the adhering to is the problem of an undescended testis?A. balanitisB. epididymitisC. cryptorchidismD. orchitis

Excessive development of the prostate gland also that is nonmalignant and also outcomes in constriction of the urethra is:A. benign prostatic hypertrophyB. prostate cancerC. prostatovesiculitisD. testicular carcinoma

A gland also that surrounds the urethra as it emerges from the bladder and secretes a fluid that contributes to semales is the:A. bulbourethral glandB. epididymisC. prostate glandD. seminal vesicles

A patient had actually a surgical procedure done where prostate tissue was removed with an endoscope put in the urethra. The correct abbreviation for this procedure is:A. TUMTB. TURPC. BPHD. TUIP

The correct interpretation of the sufdeal with in the term orchidopexy (orchiopexy) about the testicles is:A. surgical removal of the testicleB. incision and also drainage of the testicleC. surgical repair of the testicleD. surgical replacing and also solving of the testicle

The the majority of widespread unreported sexually transmitted bacterial condition in US in guys and woguys is:A. chlamydiaB. genital herpesC. gonorrheaD. syphilis

The sexually transmitted illness gonorrhea:A. causes inflammation of the testesB. reasons wart-like lesions on the skin or mucous membranes of the genitalsC. causes regular outbreaks of blister choose lesions of the genital skin and mucous membranesD. is named after its characteristic profusage purulent urethral discharge

Surgical fixation of a testis that draws an undescended testis into the scrotum or as a therapy for testicular torsion is known as:A. orchiplastyB. orchiectomyC. orchiopexyD. orchiotomy

Which medical term is spelled correctly?A. human papiloma virusB. epididymectomyC. prostatovesiculitusD. seminioma

An abnormal dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord, because of the leaking valves in them, leading to a testicular pain and also feasible sterility, is called:A. a hydroceleB. Peyronie"s diseaseC. testicular torsionD. a varicocele

The genital herpes is a sexually transmitted bacterial condition that first shows up as a red yet painless ulcer on the genitals dubbed as a chancre.A. TrueB. False

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A congenital narrowing of the prepuce opening that stays clear of it from being drawn back over the glans penis is termed phimosisA. TrueB. False

The prostate-certain antigen test, or PSA, is a clinical blood test which, if elevated, warns the physician of a opportunity presence of prostate cancer in the patient.A. TrueB. False