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cortical substance, corticate, corticectomy, corticifugal, corticipetal, cortico-, corticobulbar, corticofugal, corticoid, corticoliberin, corticolous

Cortico- is a combining develop provided prefer a presolve representing the word cortex. It is used in clinical terms, particularly in anatomy and pathology.

The cortex is a scientific term for the outer region of an organ or structure, specifically the brain (cerebral cortex). Right above the kidney are the adrenal glands, which have an adrenal cortex. Find Out more around the adrenal glands in our article on the combining form adreno-.

Cortico- eventually comes from the Latin cortex, interpretation “bark, rind, shell, husk,” which are all outer coverings.

What are variants of cortico-?

When combined with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, cortico- becomes cortic-, as in corticectomy.

Examples of cortico-

An instance of a word you may have actually encountered that features the combining form cortico- is corticosteroid, also well-known as a corticoid. A corticosteroid is a steroid developed by the adrenal cortex or is a artificial variation of one. Two types of corticosteroids are cortisone and cortisol.

What are some words that usage the combining form cortico-?

What are some other creates that cortico- may be generally confused with?

Break it down!

The corticospinal tract carries neural information from the spinal cord to the brain. What component of the brain does the corticospinal tract affix to?

How to usage cortico- in a sentence

trfinishing articles

British Thesaurus meanings for cortico-


prior to a vowel cortic-

combining form
indicating the cortexcorticotrophin

Medical meanings for cortico-


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