Wellness Pharmaceuticals has released a new antidepressant, Lexabuzac. Which type of monopoly does the agency most most likely have actually on this medication?

d. technical monopoly

The industry for which item mostly entails pure competition?

b. corn

Which finest describes just how the government enables federal government monopolies to exist?

c. by producing and also running a monopoly

Who sets the price in a monopolistic competition?

a. producers and consumers

The absence of competition within a monopoly means that

d. monopolists set their own price.

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Why is competition restricted in an oligopoly?

a. High entry costs proccasion brand-new producers from entering the market.

Which is an example of a government monopoly in the United States?

a. the US Postal Service

______________ is the term supplied to explain the amount of manage or influence that consumers have actually on a industry.


Why is the automobile industry considered an oligopoly?

b. It has actually considerable barriers to enattempt. e. It depends on brand loyalty and picture to generate sales. f. It is dominated by a few key players.

When an oligopoly exists, just how many producers overcome the market?

c. a few

____________ is the form of competition that occurs in a competitive industry without similar producers.


In pure competition, producers contend exclusively on the basis of

a. offer similar items.

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Natural monopolies happen when one producer

a. have the right to fulfill the market’s whole demand.

In the USA, which kind of sector is regularly considered component of an oligopoly?

b. cell phone carriers

Which finest describes how the federal government sanctions technological monopolies?

c. by issuing a patent for the technology

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