If a firm hires an additional worker and also discovers that its total physical output has fallen, then it have to be true that

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Mark"s Chair Factory currently employs 100 workers, that create 800 chairs. If Mark hires a 101st worker, output will certainly climb to 925.What is the marginal physical product of the 10first worker?
Anthony"s Chair Factory currently employs 100 workers, who produce 800 chairs. If Anthony hires a 101st worker, output will certainly rise to 925.What is the average physical product of the 10first worker?
Why does the marginal physical product of labor inevitably decrease as more labor is offered with one more fixed input?
The labor will certainly have actually, on average, fewer devices of the other inputs to incorporate through and the boost to full output acquired from even more labor will decrease.
At its present short-run level of production, a firm"s average variable expenses equal $15 per unit, and its average addressed expenses equal $30 per unit. Its full expenses at this manufacturing level equal $900.What is the firm"s present output level? __units.What are the complete variable expenses at this output level? $__.What are the total fixed costs?
represents the miscellaneous average costs attainable at the planning phase of the firm"s decision making.

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