Willie we"ve been continuous companion You recognize the light and also shade We have invested a million dollars Find out what we made.
We have made the maidens marvel The points we do and say Dvery own, dvery own and out brother Up, up in the means. If you view me gettin" smaller sized I"m leavin" don"t be complimentary tright here Just gained to gain away from below If you watch me gettin" smaller sized don"t issue and also no hurry I"ve acquired the right to disshow up.

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God bless old Philadelphia They were standing in the rain Out in front of a major yard Wet and also lonely train. Who knows that they pertained to see A mad guy complete of beer A 4 piece band and also a charter bus May further line career.
If you see me gettin" smaller I"m leavin" do not be cost-free tright here Just obtained to gain amethod from right here If you check out me gettin" smaller don"t problem and no hurry I"ve got the right to disshow up...

Love waylon, think it"s sad that the majority of world do not listen to music like his these days. Too busy listening to these young R&B and HIP-HOP stars that seem to be mysteriously passing amethod choose XXXtencion and also juice WRLD.

Waylon wouldve loved X and also Juice. They was both creative geniprovides through tremendous lyricism that spoke out around depression, heartbreak and also such, u think waylon wouldn"t love that?.

boston bault waylon would have actually even loved k-pop. But i reckon he would certainly have loved snoop dogg even more since old willie is bestie with him. With the connection being their. If waylon was alive today he would certainly topple over X and also juice. Music choose waylon i can relate to even more. I do not have actually any kind of care for the music that X and also juice came out with. Not relatable for me. Eextremely song from the outregulation appears as well make you think on life.

Curtis Gough well I guess that ppl that are 15 years old favor me might simply relate to juice and X more, yet store in mind the majority of of waylon fans from 70s were young ppl that might relate to him or jus loved just how he rocked the stage


If you view me acquiring smaller sized I’m leaving, don’t be grieving just gotta acquire amethod from below. Don’t issue I’m not in any hurry; I acquired the appropriate to disshow up....RIP

Grew up on this, was 18 in 77. Me n my buddies trying to figure out what to do through the remainder of our stays. This song is a testament to which way to go. Its better now than ever.

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