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12-year-old Daniel heard a thumping noise at his home in Kannapolis, North Carolina and also saw investigate, before having actually to sprint out out the door after hearing a chilling confirmation. Daniel filmed his enrespond to, and sang out, to the tune of "If you"re happy and you understand it", to the phantom figure: "If you came right here to kill me clap your hands!"To his horror, a clapping sound answered his question and he automatically sprinted out the door as quick as he might.Daniel and also his mommy later on admitted that the video was staged yet by that point it had actually gone viral, spawning a big succession of parodies, imitations and amassing even more than 4 million views on TikTok alone.

My 12 year old kid Daniel chose to video after hearing a loud thump upstairs and also visited the bottom of the staircase and also asked "if you came below to kill me clap your hands" and then you hear a dual clap and also Daniel runs out of the door favor he is running for his life.

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