When a chemical reactivity has low activation power then price of reactivity will be quick.

When three or more pshort articles collide with each other then there are less chances that all of them collide with correct power and also orientation.

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Due to which the reaction will be slow-moving in nature.

And, according to Arrhenius, if the pwrite-ups collide through correct orientation and energy then price of reactivity becomes rapid via rise in variety of efficient collisions.

Therefore, we can conclude that if the uncatalyzed reactivity occurs in a single elementary step, it is a slow-moving reaction because:

The probcapacity of an reliable three-ppost collision is low.The reactivity requires the collision of 3 particles via the correct power.
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Part A An unopened up have the right to of soda has actually an aqueous CO2 concentration of 0.21 M at 25.0 °C. What is the partial pressure of the gas in
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Partial pressure = 4689 torr



Concentration of CO2, c = 0.21 M= 0.21 mol/L

Henry"s consistent, k for CO2 = 3.4*10^-2 mol/L-atm

To determine:

the partial press, P


As per Henry"s law, the concentration c of a gas is pertained to the push, p as follows:


Convariation from atm to torr

1 atm = 760 torr


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The greatest lived in s and also p sublevels are partly filled
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Representative Elements


Representative elements are chemical elements of the long teams of the routine table identified by the letter A, headed by the elements hydrogen, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine and also helium, as they show up in the routine table of the elements. .

They are identified by presenting "external" electronic configurations in their basic state ranging from ns1 to ns2np6, unlike the shift aspects and interior change elements.

The representative facets are the aspects of groups 1 and also 2 (block s), and also of teams 13 to 18 (block p) .2 Until a couple of years earlier, these teams were identified through Roguy numerals from I to VII with the letter A.3 The aspects of group 12 are mainly taken into consideration as transition steels, yet, zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), and also mercury (Hg) share some properties of both teams, and some scientists believe they have to be contained as representative aspects or elements of the major groups.

Representative elements (with some of the lighter change metals) are the most abundant elements on earth, in the solar mechanism, and in the cosmos.

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The representative aspects are split right into eight teams and also are defined in that their electronic circulation ends in s-p or p-s. The team number results from including the electrons in the sub-levels s or s and also p of the last level.