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As more and also even more civilization discover out around my crazy plans to travel the world, I hear many, “You’re so lucky” and also “I wish I had actually done that” and “I would love to execute something choose that but…”

But. A brief, harmmuch less, three letter civilization that comes before eexceptionally excuse.

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Google specifies ‘excuse’ as: a reason put forward to conceal the actual reason for an action.

We make excuses eexceptionally day. Why we don’t have actually time to work out. Why we can’t take up surfing. Why we can’t seem to keep money in our financial institution accounts.

But all excprovides are sindicate a means to justify the act of not doing something and also to conceal the actual reason we aren’t doing it – it’s not a priority.

If you begin thinking of your inactivity in regards to this quote, it really renders you pausage for a moment.

Instead of saying, “I want to work out today yet I simply don’t have the time”, attempt saying “I want to occupational out now but it’s not a priority.”

Instead of “I want to go back to college however it’s as well expensive and also I don’t have actually the time” say “I want to go back to school yet it’s not a priority.”

Instead of “I want to quit my project and travel the human being yet I have don’t have actually the money” say “I want to quit my job and also take a trip the world however it’s not a priority.”


Saying you aren’t doing something bereason it isn’t a priority transforms not just the way you look at your excuse, however the method you feel around it.

Now tbelow is nopoint wrong with somepoint not being a priority. You could have actually a legitimate reason why you aren’t doing something at the moment. If you can follow the word BUT with the expertise it’s not a priority and also be ok via that, then save on keepin’ on.

But if you acexpertise the reality that the reason you aren’t adhering to through is because it isn’t a priority and also it leaves a sour taste in your mouth, you might desire to rethink points.

I would love to learn a 2nd language. Almeans have actually. Yet I am not bilingual. Not because I suck at linguistics or don’t have actually the moment, yet bereason at this allude in my life it isn’t a priority. And I’m ok through that.

Saving money to travel the human being, however, was a priority. It became an all encompassing part of my life for 2 years. Everything I did was catered towards getting to my goal and also desire for international adendeavors.


There were plenty of excsupplies I might have used: “I bacount make enough money to live on” “I have actually student loans and also auto loans that need paying off” “I ultimately have a project I’ve wanted since I was 6”. All points no one would blame me for if I shelp to them, “I really desire to travel the human being one day BUT…”

However I would blame myself. Not traveling came to be not an choice.

So it became a priority. And I made it take place even sooner then I anticipated.

So the following time you find yourself making excsupplies about somepoint, readjust your phrasing. Don’t give a list of arbitrary factors why you can’t execute somepoint. Ssuggest state that it is currently not a priority and watch just how that feels.

Take obligation and understand the genuine factor behind your excuses.

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Since if somepoint is necessary to you, you WILL discover a means to make it take place. And if it’s not, you’ll discover an excusage.

Has changing the means you think around your excuses ever made you adjust your attitude in the direction of them? What did you execute about it?