„… will certainly you be so kind regarding administer me with a few areas where I might look for a murderer?""The mirror's an excellent place to start“

— Rachel Caine Amerideserve to writer 1962

Source: Bite Club

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„I love you via so a lot of my heart that none is left to protest.“

— William Shakespeare, Much Aperform About Nothing

Source: Much Aexecute About Nothing


„None of you appreciate me. Why is it so hard to think that I could make a real contribution in these dark rimes?“

— Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

Source: Shadow Kiss


„I am starting to think you are not intending to count me among your friends.“

— Pedro Muñoz Seca Spanish writer 1879 - 1936

Last words, said just prior to he was executed by a firing squad in the time of the spanish civil battle.Source: http://www.generalisimofranco.com/caidos/varios/00003.htm Eduardo Palomar Baró, Pedro Muñoz Seca (1881 - 1936)


„Mourning is a tough service," Cesare sassist. "If human being kbrand-new there'd be less fatality.“

— Bernard Malamud Amerihave the right to writer 1914 - 1986

"Life is Better than Death", in Idiots First (1963), p. 85

„If more world known the distinction in between friendship and also mere attraction, and also just how love must partake of both to prosper, I intend there'd be even more happy civilization.“

— Shertimber Smith, book Crown Duel

Crown Duel (Crvery own & Court #1 - 2, 1997)


„Murder? Don't talk to me about murder. I invented murder!“

— Alan Moore English writer generally known for his work in comic books 1953

Cain, Saga of the Swamp Thing #33Swamp Thing (1983–1987)

„They are going to kill me. It doesn't matter what evidence you or anyone comes up with. They are going to murder me for murder I didn't commit.“

— Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Fourth President and nine Prime Minister of Pakistan 1928 - 1979

Speaking to a his daughter Benazir Bhutto, as quoted in her book Daughter of the East (1989).

„Namong you appreciate me. Why is it so hard to believe that I could make a real contribution in these dark times? My cigarettes and also I are going external. At leastern they show me respect.“

— Richelle Mead Amerihave the right to writer 1976

„If none of us believe in warThen have the right to you tell me what the weapon's for?Listen to me everyoneIf the switch is puburned there'll be nowright here to run“

— Ozzy Osbourne English heavy steel vocalist and also songwriter 1948

Killer of Giants, written by Robert John Daisley, Ozzy Osbourne, John Osbourne, Jake Williams, Robert DaisleyTrack lyrics, The Ultimate Sin (1986)

„You understand I deserve to acquire amethod through murder. The audience loves me.“

— Peter Lorre Austrian actor 1904 - 1964

„When you made me right into another, I left you via me.“

— Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Cuando me hiciste otro, te dejé conmigo.Voces (1943)

„Politics is the art of making the world think that they are in power, once in reality, they have actually none.“

— Mumia Abu-Jamal Prisoner, Journalist, Broadcaster, Author, Activist 1954

„People frequently ask me wright here I stand also politically. It's not that I disagree with Bush's financial plan or his international plan, it's that I believe he was a kid of Satan sent below to damage the earth Earth. Little to the left.“

— Bill Hicks Amerihave the right to comedian 1961 - 1994

Shock and also Awe (2003)

„If I were to start as a God or a prophet I think I have to take the line: "Thou shalt not believe in me. Thou shalt not have me for a God.“

— Samuel Butler novelist 1835 - 1902

Samuel Butler's Notepublications (1912) self censored "d_____d" in original publicationContext: It is the manner of gods and prophets to begin: "Thou shalt have actually none other God or Prophet yet me." If I were to start as a God or a prophet I think I should take the line: "Thou shalt not believe in me. Thou shalt not have actually me for a God. Thou shalt worship any type of d_____d thing thou likest other than me." This have to be my first and excellent commandment, and my second need to be choose unto it.

„You left me. You made a pet out of me, and then you left me. If love were food, I would certainly have actually starved on the bones you offered me.“

— Cassandra Clare, book City of Fallen Angels

Source: City of Fallen Angels

„There'd been the biggest motorcade from the airport. Hot. Wild. Like Mexico and also Vienna. The sunlight was so strong in our encounters. I couldn't put on sunglasses… Then we experienced this tunnel ahead, I thought it would be cool in the tunnel, I thought if you were on the left the sunlight wouldn't get into your eyes…“

— Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis public figure, First Lady to 3fifth UNITED STATE President John F. Kennedy 1929 - 1994

The "Camelot" interview (29 November 1963)

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„Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue through the world that are doing something you don't think is right.“

— Jane Goodall British primatologist, ethologist, and also anthropologist 1934

Reported in Yolanda Brooks, Do Animals Have Rights? (2008), p. 23

„Dark to me is the earth. Dark to me are the heavens.Where is she that I loved, the woman with eyes choose stars?Desolate are the roads. Desolate is the city.A city taken by storm, wright here none are left but the slain.“

— Wilfrid Scawen Blunt English poet and also writer 1840 - 1922