You have the right to have an outstanding product at a price that can’t be beat, yet one thing is for sure: If you make a promise you can’t keep, your prospect will walk.

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Unfortunately, breaking guarantees deserve to end up being a negative halittle bit. A research by Accenture uncovered that over 60% of carriers that damaged assures to consumers were serial offenders:


Does this intend you need to speak making assures to customers? Not at all. But it does suppose you must deliver on the promises you do make.

Many promises made by sales reps depend on determinants they can’t manage, prefer the delivery of a product or the particular ROI that a customer deserve to view from a marketing campaign.

Yet, transferring on your word is among the most basic ways of earning irreversible trust through your clients. And as a sales rep, you already understand that long-term customers are the breview and butter of your company’s profitcapacity.

Let’s dive into why sales assures have the right to be dangerous, and also which promises you’re making to customers that you shouldn’t be.

Making Promises Is a Dangerous Game

According to marketing consultancy Brand Keys, consumers’ expectations for products are greater now than they were a decade earlier, yet brands are only able to fulfill their expectations 7% of the moment.

That’s a pretty grim finding if you’re in the sales world. Your customers feel prefer they’re being constantly let dvery own...which doesn’t help your brand also or your bottom line.

Let’s unwrap a typical scenario of breaking a promise to a customer. Sure, they’ll probably cancel services and also orders, which indicates your company will certainly shed revenue. But what else?

It’s likely you’ll get a flood of angry customer organization inquiries (or complaints) that your team will certainly have to address. Plus, your firm could have to go into damage manage if those customers comsimple digital via social media channels or evaluation websites.

To prevent this mess, ask yourself:

Which guarantees execute my customers care around the most? You can break promises all the moment and also obtain amethod via it bereason your customer won’t treatment around the majority of them. Thstormy your conversations via each prospect, discover out what they’re likely to care about the most so that damaged guarantees don’t land you in trouble.

Here are some of the main areas wbelow sales reps stumble once it involves making promises to prospects:

1. Setting unrealistic expectations

When in doubt, underpromise and also overdeliver. Don’t do the oppowebsite.

If you promise a customer that their product will be delivered overnight (when you can’t be sure) or that they’ll get 20 new leads per month from making use of your product (that you can’t guarantee), it have the right to have a disastrous result, not just to your customer relationship however to your company all at once.

A 2017 research by American Expush uncovered that customers who have actually a poor customer experience tell an average of 15 world. In various other words, one damaged promise has the potential to alienate 15 people against your brand.

The most common lies told to customers are around the delivery timestructure of their purchase and also unsupposed costs related to their purchase. <TWEET THIS!> Other difficulties stem from not fulfilling contract obligations and also not responding to customer complaints:


(Source: Accenture)

The one thing all of these lies have actually in common? They stem from establishing unrealistic expectations through your customer.

The ideal way to prevent breaking a promise once it comes to expectations is to stop locking dvery own an expectation at all. If a customer wants a task completed by Friday afternoon yet you aren’t 100% certain it’s do-able, don’t say yes. Avoid disappointing them by saying a Friday deadline is possible, yet they’ll have actually it by Monday at the latest.

Not just does this offer you a bit of breapoint space, however it implies your customer won’t be let dvery own by a promise you weren’t particular you could save in the first place.

Pro tip: Tbelow are means you can hack the system to make certain you’re establishing expectations that you deserve to satisfy.

For example, if a customer asks around the distribution of a product and also you’re 99% particular it can arrive on the fourth, don’t tell them the delivery date will be the 4th. Tell them it will certainly arrive in between the 4th and the sixth.

That means, not just will certainly you have actually ceded their product in your proposed timeframework, yet in the eyes of the customer, you’ve got it tbelow as quickly as possible.

2. Letting a client press you right into a “yes”

This is basically the flipside of the previous allude. Instead of trying to guide a prospect through an unrealistic promise, a prospect made an unrealistic request, and you shelp “yes” once you should have shelp “no.” You were backed right into a corner, and now you’re screwed.

Let’s set the scene. You’ve gained a manager breathing down your neck to make your targets for the quarter, and also you’re in a pitch with a agency to sell them a solution that will certainly take 3 months to deliver. The customer is pushy and also claims they’ll authorize the contract if you can provide it in six weeks. You select to agree and also your fate is sealed.

This is a classical scenario of, no matter exactly how despeprice you were for a new customer, you should’ve sassist no to stop breaking a promise. Not just can this cause financial losses for your organization, but it can damages client relationships and blow your deliverables out of the water.

Want to protect against this? Simple. Only take on tasks you recognize you deserve to deliver on time and also don’t be pressured into doing otherwise, no matter how good the temptation.

Pro tip: Exsimple any kind of potential obstacles for a task prior to they have actually a chance to happen. If a customer knows what potential problems to mean, it won’t be such a blow if those problems actually finish up happening.

Steal this line to obtain you out of trouble the next time this pops up in a meeting:


3. Making a promise that relies on the deliverables of others

If a promise is broken because of circumstances external of your control, news flash—it’s still a damaged promise.

Whether you’re betting on a shipping company coming with with the items, or a graphic designer pushing a piece via faster than meant, relying on deliverables exterior of your manage is dangerous territory to be in.

Take this digital purchase from a customer who didn’t obtain his items delivered when promised. He complained, of course:



Leskid learned. Almeans be completely transparent via your customer if points obtain a little out of manage.

If among your companies missed their distribution day or a web developer is running behind on a component of a project, fess up. Tell your customer that although you had planned for delays in the project, you underestimated the size of the delays.

And instead of waiting for the problem to blow over, attempt and also find solutions for your customer in the meantime. Making it clear that you’re trying to make points right will work in your favor.

4. Promising insane outcomes

Did you understand that Skechers was sued for $40 million?

Yep. They promised their customers that by wearing their sneakers, they would shed weight. Of course, tright here are so many type of variables in this scenario (were they going to go to a customers home and also telling them to put down their Oreos?) that the promise made by Skechers was, in hindsight, insane.

The key message from this lesson: Don’t promise crazy.

Only promise what you can actually supply. This is likewise various from under-promising and overtransporting. A slick advertising project could bring in brand-new customers and fill your prospect pipeline, yet make certain what you’re promising them is in examine.

Take a look at your webwebsite and make certain all of your info (pricing, deliverables, services) are up-to-date. If you run a marketing company that provided to dabble in SEO however now you just don’t offer it, rerelocate it from your website. If a customer contacts you about SEO bereason they’ve checked out it advertised on your webwebsite, it’s not a good look.

Here’s one more example: If you’re a marketing company and you’re trying to authorize a brand-new client, don’t promise bottom-of-the-funnel results:

Why? Because you’re promising crazy. (At some point, it’s approximately the sales team to close leads; all a marketing company deserve to execute is increase the quantity and high quality of those leads.)

Even though a customer desires to hear that you have the right to lug in 100 new customers per month (and also you could be able to), tbelow are simply as well many type of variables at play for you to make that commitment.

Don’t be favor Skechers. Stick to assures you deserve to store.

The Best Formula: Offer Value, Not Promises

The safest method to not break assures with your customers is to not make them at all.

That doesn’t intend you shouldn’t offer additional worth as soon as you’re trying to close a deal. You just need to be smarter about exactly how you execute it.

Only make guarantees you can 100% keep. If a promise relies on exterior resources or an outcome you can’t control, don’t make it at all. Instead, focus on preserving a killer interaction line via the customer to store them informed on wbelow you’re at, so they recognize what to mean on their finish.

To repeat: When in doubt, underpromise and overdeliver. Don’t carry out the oppowebsite.

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