Anakin Skywalker unfortunately wound up becoming Darth Vader, yet what if he"d selected a different path?

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Anakin Skywalker
In the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader is the OG of villains. He"s not the oldest or the the majority of powerful, however he"s made the biggest affect so much. And while Vader stays ranked in the top three, there"s been a longstanding conflict over whether he would"ve favored the Dark Side given a second opportunity. So, what if Anakin Skywalker never turned?

It"s hard to say just how the story would certainly have turned out in the scenario of Anakin refmaking use of the Dark Side"s temptations. Of course, that hasn"t stopped fans from conceptualizing it for us.

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Fanart from recent years has displayed a visage of the Skywalker household, sans the loss of Padme and also Anakin. One, in certain, depicts the happy couple looking on as Obi-Wan does a Force trick to entertain Luke and Leia tickles Ahsoka on the floor. The photo itself is very cathartic for anyone who"d hoped the Skywalkers did obtain their happy finishing.

Sadly, that future never pertained to pass because Anakin ended up being the villainous Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan went into hiding, Padme passed away during childbirth, and also Ahsoka disshowed up after the Clone Wars.

What If Anakin Stopped Quick Of Turning To The Dark Side?

Needmuch less to say, the prospect of Anakin actually being "The Chosen One" has us contemplating what he would"ve done in different ways had actually another course been presented to him. For instance, would certainly the young Jedi Knight have still attempted to harness the Dark Side had he known the end outcomes of his actions?

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In all likelihood, Anakin probably would"ve played Emperor Palpatine till the confrontation with Mace Windu. At that allude, he would"ve struck down the Sith Lord and relocated on through his life. Of course, that leaves the question of who"d become the galaxy"s following villain.

As much as who could"ve filled the void, a resentful Mace Windu seems feasible. Before his death in Revenge Of The Sith, Windu made a suggest of wanting to defeat the Dark Side at all costs. Were one of his students to take that possibility from him, he could"ve quickly been swayed to sign up with Palpatine"s reason rather.

Anvarious other adjust that would certainly have actually taken area is Anakin and Obi-Wan"s crusade to stop the Dark Side. They were commanded by the Jedi Council prior to Order 66 went into result, but by the finish of Revenge Of The Sith, they both construed that the council was inreliable.

Could Two Jedi Councils Coexist Simultaneously?

Since of that element, the Skywalker clan might have started their Jedi-training a lot earlier than once Luke attempted to erect an academy of his very own. The just question is, would certainly Yoda and also the others have permitted it to exist concurrently with their own?

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It"s simply as debatable, however there"s reason to think the Jedi Council would"ve jailed Anakin Skywalker adhering to the Palpatine debacle. Had they learned of him perhaps betraying them, and also his susceptibility to the Dark Side"s influence, the council may have opted to jail him. Of course, Anakin, being the rebel that he is, would run for it.

The stselection thing is that while fans didn"t obtain to check out Star Wars finish via the Skywalkers living happily ever after, there"s most likely a copy of the expected script locked away in George Lucas" archives somewhere. No one knows if the director ever before had any kind of mind to step ameans from Anakin becoming Darth Vader, but if he did, the script is many likely in Lucas" possession.


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