I would I were a caremuch less child,Still dwelling in my highland also cave,Or roaming via the duskies wild,Or bounding o’er the dark blue wave;The cumbrous pomp of Saxon prideAccords not via the freeborn heart,Which loves the mountain’s craggy side,And looks for the rocks wbelow billows roll.Fortune! take earlier these cultured lands,Take back this name of splendid sound!I hate the touch of servile hands,I hate the slaves that cringe approximately.Place me among the rocks I love,Which sound to Ocean’s wildest roar;I ask but this aacquire to roveThturbulent scenes my youth hath well-known before.Couple of are my years, and yet I feelThe civilization was ne’er designed for me:Ah! why perform dark’ning shades concealThe hour as soon as guy should cease to be?Once I behosted a splendid dream,A visionary scene of bliss:Truth! wherefore did thy hated beamAwake me to a world favor this?I loved yet those I loved are gone;Had friends my beforehand friends are fled:How cheermuch less feels the heart aloneWhen all its former wishes are dead!Though gay companions o’er the bowlDispel awhile the feeling of ill;Though pleacertain stirs the maddening soul,The heart the heart is lonely still.How dull! to hear the voice of thoseWhom rank or possibility, whom wealth or power,Have made, though neither friends nor foes,Associates of the festive hour.Give me aacquire a faithful few,In years and feelings still the exact same,And I will fly the midnight crew,Wright here boist’rous joy is but a name.And woguy, lovely woman! thou,My hope, my comforter, my all!How cold should be my bosom now,When e’en thy smiles begin to pall!Without a sigh I would resignThis busy scene of splendid woe,To make that calm contentment mine,Which virtue knows, or appears to understand.Fain would I fly the haunts of men–I seek to shun, not hate mankind;My breastern needs the sullen glen,Whose gimpend might suit a darken’d mind.Oh! that to me the wings were givenWhich bear the turtle to her nest!Then would I cleave the vault of heaven,To flee amethod and be at rest.

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