Sorry, I couldn"t discover any public supplies of this expression as I have never review it, I have just heard it supplied in conversation.

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When you drink enough, one or the various other perkid will inevitably slide off his seat, finishing up under the table.

Reference: past experience



The earliest in the OED is from prior to 1636. The earliest I found is from the 1638 The Soules Preparation for Christ: a Treatise of Contrition by Thomas Hooker:


Tbelow are many kind of that despight the heart of grace, and also stick not to say, I did sweare such a male out of the home, and also I did drinke such a male under the table dead

Edit: This same book was additionally publimelted in 1632 (EEBO <£>) and is the earliest I uncovered of the verb drink in to drink someone under the table. The following aren"t the same usage of the verb, but are examples of someone being so drunk (or being made drunk) so regarding be under the table.


A 1628 text by the rector Henry Burton advises on the risks of drunkenness (in The seuen vials or a briefe and also plaine exposition vpon the 15: and 16: chapters of the Revelation extremely pertinent and profitable for the Church of God in these last times, web page 128, EEBO):

And aboue all, drunkennesse. For that strips a man of his garment, renders him naked, and males see his shame. Noah was as soon as drunke, and he lay vncouered in his Tent, that his shame was seene. But now he is accounted no guy, that will not drinke drunke, till he lie vnder the Table, favor a dogg at his vomit, or wpermit in the kennell, like a hogg in the mire.


Also from 1628, William Prynne composed in Healthes: sicknesse. Or A compendious and also briefe discourse; prouing, the drinking and also pledging of healthes, to be sinfull, and vtterly vnlawcomplete vnto Christians by disagreements, Scriptures, fathers, moderne diuines, Christian authors, historians, councels; imperiall lawes and also constitutions; and by the voyce and also verdict of prophane and also heathen writers: wherein all those plain obiections, excprovides, or pretences which are made to iustifie, extenuate, or excusage the drinking or pledging of healthes, are additionally cleared and also answered (EEBO, web page 17):

It is registred of the ancient Germans: that they sit drinking: and also of the moderne Germans, that they sit Healpoint night and also day, till they haue laid one another dead drunke vnder the Table.

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And on web page 23:

Let it not be storied of vs, as it is of the Ancient and also moderne Germans. (n) That they Carrouze, and Health, and also Drinke so lengthy, till they haue lassist one an additional dead drunke vnder the Table, or resulted in one an additional to vomit vp their shame, and also surfet: (a sinne to widespread in our swinish age) and a custome among Drunkards in (o) Saint Ambrose his dayes.


William Jemmat created in A spirituall trumpet interesting and also preparing to the Christian warfare (1624, web page 257, EEBO):

As for example: exactly how many type of are there, that collection themselues to make their brvarious other drunken, and lay him vnder the table?