Uncle Sam poster background + designs: When it comes to taxes, you probably think of paying them to your humormuch less and strict uncle, Sam. So, that is Uncle Sam, and what’s his history?

The iconic figure of Uncle Sam has actually a lengthy, amazing history, dating all the way earlier to the War of 1812. Since then he’s been an iconic symbol of the U.S. government, taxation repertoire, and has appeared on millions of army recruitment posters throughout WWI.

In truth, the inspiration for the character of Uncle Sam, named Samuel Wilboy, is still commemorated in his hometown of Troy, NY.

Here’s a brief history of Uncle Sam, and then a history of Uncle Sam in posters:

History of Uncle Sam Posters (The Man, the Myth… Your Uncle!?)

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During the battle of 1812, a meatpacker from Troy, NY named Samuel Wilson offered the UNITED STATE Army via barrels of beef. In doing so, he stamped the barrels through large, “U.S.” initials, and also soldiers began to describe the food as, “UncleSam.”

Soon, the name, “Uncle Sam,” stuck, and also by the 1820’s, “Uncle Sam,” had actually gained widespcheck out acceptance as the nickname for the UNITED STATE federal government.

Fact: Uncle Sam’s beginning lies in a meatpacking plant in Troy New York in 1812. To now Troy, NY is commemorated as, “The Birthlocation of Uncle Sam.”


What font is used in the Uncle Sam poster? While the original letters seem to have actually been shown by hand also, tbelow is a font referred to as Expressway Condensed Bold that replicates the type

Uncle Sam: YOU’RE NEXT! War Loan Poster

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Uncle Sam Poster: Deffinish America’s Freedom!

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