This praise song around the action of the Divine Spirit is sometimes attributed toL(Louis?) Casebolt, but no additionally information around them has been located.Hymn-books which it has actually been published in include:
The song, credited to Betty Pulkingham and L Casebolt was videotaped on the Songs of Prayer, Album 3 released under the Word of God label in 1977 (ref). It was likewise included in the 1978 album Rejoice with the Fisherpeople - and also the sleeve material of this recording credits verse 1 to L Casebolt, and also verses 2-6 to Betty Pulkingham (ref).

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It is not clear when, or by who, the chorus and also actions were included. Tbelow are at leastern 2 variations of these which have actually been recorded.
The song has been translated to assorted languperiods, including Tongan (ref), and one recording on YouTube mirrors an adapted variation being sung at at 21st century vacation bible school.
The original publications have a 4/4 time signature. In the crucial of G, the initially few notes are G G GGA B_ B A G_ E_ D_ through accompanying chords G / C / G. In this essential, tbelow is a high E in the last line, and more current publications have actually the song in F.

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Lead sheet (melody + guitar chords) - verse 1
PowerPoint slides, verse 1 and chorus
Acapella SATB setup by Heather Sorenson
Downloadable SATB via accompaniment arrangement by Heather Sorenchild.


1 There"s a river of life flowing out of me,Makes the lame to walk and the blind to check out.Open prison door sets the captive totally free,There"s a river of life flowing out of me.Chorus:
Spring up oh well... (gush, gush, gush, gush)Within my soul!Spring up oh well...Splish, Splash!And make me whole.Spring up oh well....ahhh-whoosh!And offer to me.That life abundantly.2 There"s a fountain flowing from the Saviour"s side,All my sin"s foroffered in the precious tide;Jesus phelp the price once for me He died,There"s a fountain flowing from the Saviour"s side.3 There"s a risen Saviour at the Father"s throne,Ever interceding for His very own;Pouring dvery own the blessings that are His alone,There"s a climbed Saviour at the Father"s throne.4 There’s a Holy Comforter who’s sent out from Heaven,All the glorious gifts are His, and have been offered,He’ll display us more of Jesus ‘til the veil is riven.There’s a Holy Comforter who’s sent from Heaven.5 There’s a land of remainder that we may enter now,Freed from all our works and freed from Satan’s power,Just relaxing in the Lord each minute and each hour.There’s a land also of rest that we may enter now.6 There’s complete salvation wrought for you and me,From faith to belief and also glory to glory eternally,O Lord, simply take this life and let me live for Thee.There’s a complete salvation wrought for you and also me.Alternative verses 2 -4 and also chorus - author unknown:
Chorus:Spring up o well, within my spirit.Rise up and tell, so all can hear it!Spring up o well so I experienceThat life, abundantly.2. I’ve obtained a river of life flowing within me;