Carrying the Weight of the World Meaning

Definition: To feel or act favor one has actually tremendous amounts of troubles.

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Origin of Carry the Weight of the World on My Shoulders

This expression originates from Greek mythology.

The primary god, Zeus, was angry that a team of human being, dubbed the Titans, was fighting the Olympians. The Olympians were the other gods. Zeus chose one of them, Atlas, to punish.

Zeus condemned Atlregarding organize the heavens on his earlier. The function was to sepaprice earth and heaven, which would proccasion the two from mixing so a lot.

Nowadays, many type of human being misanalyze this story and also believe Atlas holds the people on his shoulders. Regardmuch less of whether he carries the weight of heaven or earth, the weight should be extremely great. Therefore, this expression suggests that a perboy feels very hefty through duties or troubles.

Instances of Carry the Weight of the World on My Shoulders

In this conversation, two high school students talk about some problems one of them is having actually at school.

Lisa: Hey! What’s the matter? You look favor you have actually the weight of the people on your shoulders.

Jackie: I feel as if I perform. My 2 finest friends are fighting with each other. If they can’t solve their difficulty, I don’t recognize exactly how to choose in between them. I know they’ll make me choose.

Lisa: I’m sorry to hear around that. I see why you feel so stressed.

In the listed below dialogue, 2 friends discuss a 3rd friend. They are worried around him.

Seth: Have you talked to Hoproportion lately?

Jimmy: No, why?

Seth: He appears kind of depressed these days. It’s prefer he has actually the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Jimmy: I know a number of of his family members members have actually been having actually wellness difficulties. We need to let him know we’re obtainable to talk deserve to help if require be.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an advice column. The advice columnist tells a male that moms need to share their challenges via their partners.

The second news excerpt is around advice from a experienced tennis player. She reminds an additional athlete not to let various other difficulties burden her.

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To carry the weight of the world on one’s shoulders suggests that someone is greatly burdened by many troubles.


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