UPDATE: THE Jeep rapper whose video slamming the agency went viral demanded $100,000 to buy his silence — $40,000 more than the expense of the auto he claimed was a lemon.

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THE Jeep rapper whose video slamming the lutz-heilmann.infopany went viral demanded $100,000 — $40,000 more than the expense of the vehicle he claimed was a lemon, the Herald Sun can reveal.

Tarneit man Teg Sethi rejected a $60,000 sell from Jeep to work out his discussion for ethical factors after he bought a “faulty” Grand also Cherokee.

But resources have told the Herald Sun that Mr Sethi made a case for $100,000, which Jeep rejected.

Two Jeep representatives went to Mr Sethi at his residence after he posted the video “I made a mistake, I bought a lemon Jeep” on YouTube, which has actually been regarded 2.1 million times.

During that meeting, he asked for $61,000 to cover the cost of his auto plus $40,000 in lutz-heilmann.infopensation.

But Mr Sethi had claimed in a letter posted online that Jeep tried to sheight his campaign with their market.

“I choose to save my conscientific research intact,” he writes in the letter.

“Signing this document would certainly undermine a young man’s honour.

“You said you would buy earlier this car, as it’s passist its toll on my family; You’re not buying back this automobile you’re trying to buy my heart and sanity.”

Mr Sethi told the Herald Sun that he refprovided to sign the gag order, which he claimed also listed that his 14-month-old kid might not criticise Jeep.

He stood by his decision to knock back the $60,000 sell from Jeep.

“We didn’t say no to that bereason I’m an idiot, or bereason I’m a wealthy man, I’m not,” he sassist.

“But it’s a issue of principle. It’s a great leskid for my 14-month-old kid.”

Mr Sethi said his wife sustained his decision “100 per cent” and also he revealed that he turned dvery own an market from one more auto agency to show up in a television lutz-heilmann.infomercial slamming Jeep.

Mr Sethi bought the automobile in 2013 and also still owes $50,000.



Teg Sethi through his wife Rani and also boy Jeevan / Picture: Hamish Blair

Jeep manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Australia shelp in a statement that it “has gone to the utmost lengths to resolve Mr. Sethi’s concerns.”

“Despite there being no significant issues through his car FCA made a generous market of goodwill certainly to Mr Sethi,” the statement shelp.

“As a result Mr Sethi was presented via a typical legal contract which contains a non-disparagement clause.

“Mr. Sethi made a decision to decline our sell.”

The lutz-heilmann.infopany said that it was not “unreasonable” to include the clausage.

“FCA believes this is not an unreasonable repursuit to make and also is not asking anypoint of Mr. Sethi that FCA would certainly not abide by ourselves,” the statement shelp.

“Mr. Sethi is currently in possession of his automobile and also an independent inspection report on his car.”

Earlier Mr Sethi said he turned dvery own the market bereason the firm asked him to agree to soptimal “disparaging” the brand as part of the deal.

He said, while he essential the money, he felt he had an responsibility to use the event to assist various other car owners.

“Eextremely bone in my body wants to take that money,” he said.

“It would aid my family members so much. But I can’t perform it.”

An FCA spokeswoman yesterday shelp it was “not an unreasonable request” offered it was trying to finally deal with the disagreement.

Mr Sethi sassist he would continue to usage the situation to speak to for more powerful customer security legislations, including he was motivated by a new ­report by Queensland parliament’s legal affairs and also lutz-heilmann.infomunity security lutz-heilmann.infomittee pushing for beefed-up protections to be built into the Australian Consumer Law.

lutz-heilmann.infomittee chairguy Labor’s Mark Furner said he hoped the report would result in new legislations in line with other nations roughly the world: “We hope this can be the trigger for a nationwide lemon legislation. We should be brought right into the 2first century.”

A current Australian lutz-heilmann.infopetition and Consumer lutz-heilmann.infomission investigation into FCA has actually checked out lawyer and also previous Ford ­in-home counsel Peter George appointed to arbitrate 2 years’ worth of unresolved lutz-heilmann.infoplaints.

In his first lutz-heilmann.infoments on his development, Mr George yesterday shelp “it could be that the process can be sped up”.

That will certainly be wellutz-heilmann.infoe news to some owners, that say they have actually been brought about ­mean their disputes will not be mediated until 2017.

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Under the deal FCA reduced with the ACCC, it is intended to have actually improved its ongoing managing of lutz-heilmann.infoplaints.


Fiat customer Jacqueline Rose says that isn’t the instance. Ms Rose, of Bellevue Hill in Sydney’s east, owns a 2013 Fiat 500 which has actually spent the past five-and-a-fifty percent months under repair, in which time two replacement gearboxes have actually been mounted, together with other major lutz-heilmann.infoponents, all to no avail.

“It appears plain that, despite their new proclaimed lutz-heilmann.infomitment to the ACCC to enhance lutz-heilmann.infopany, my endure is fairly the oppowebsite, if not worse,” Ms Rose shelp.

FCA said it was “continuing to work” through Ms Rose to deal with lutz-heilmann.infoes to.