this line fucking destroyed me the first time i heard it, julian didn't have to go off favor that

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This can be among the sweetest, most romantic lyrics Julian has actually ever written. I don't host JC as a lyricist to the same elevation that many kind of others perform however this is truly a great line.

No- Julian created it-yet Fab should have actually added something to the song- considering that both he and Julian are attributed on the album for song credits.

From a Strokes NME interview- 2005 in which they (the band) talked about FIOE songs:

Evening Sun‘ – Stoic yet identified, possibly the the majority of ‘classic Strokes’ sounding song here

Fab: “Julian initially did this and we found it on Gordon ’s computer system. We went approximately Julian and said, ‘Why didn’t you play us this song?’. It’s become among my favourites. Oh, and he and also I both played the drums.”

Julian: “Oh, please don’t print that.”

Fab: “Are you going to deny that? If you listen to the end you hear that tbelow are 2 drummers.”

**also- I discovered this interesting that this song - had actually 2 drummers.....

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I remember singing this all the moment as soon as I turned 17 lol


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