EP 7 Shinin'

Riley lastly gets what he's always wanted - a platinum and also diamond chain - only to have it snatched by the local bully. Afrhelp of disappointing his new crew, Riley will certainly sheight a nopoint to recover his chain and rep.

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EP 8 Ballin'

Riley joins Tom's bit league basketsphere team and learns there's even more to the game than flashy moves... there's crushing, humiliating defeat.

EP 9 The Invasion of the Katrinas

When family displaced by hurricane Katrina present up searching for a location to remain, Granddad does what anyone would certainly execute - attempt to discover a way to remove them as conveniently as possible.

EP 10 Home Alone

When Granddad takes a much essential vacation from the boys, Huey takes regulate of the residence yet hregarding contend through a vicious insurgency from Riley.

EP 11 The S-Word

Granddad and the good Rev. Rolo Goodlove try to cash in big after a teacher calls Riley 'the n-word' in institution.

EP 15 The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

A BET reality present pressures racist handyman Uncle Ruckus to accept the truth around his very own blackness. The show and also male start to quickly fall apart.

EP 1 It's a Black President, Huey Freeman

Remember "Yes We Can"? No, you don't? A Gerguy documentary complies with the Freeguy family from the election to the Inauguration of the country's first Black President, giving us a look ago at the hope and change that already feels like prehistoric history.

EP 2 Bitches to Rags

Thugnificent has actually viewed better days. Auto-tune, rap beef, nopoint can soptimal the IRS once his new album tanks. Faced via the horror of getting a real task, Otis Jenkins takes some pretty desperate measures to remain afloat. Is there life after rap death?

EP 3 The Red Ball

When the Chinese call in some old debts, Ed Wuncler is compelled to gamble all of Woodcrest's economic fortunes on a kickball game via its sister city, Wushung, China. Kicksphere legfinish Huey Freeman is to come out of self-implemented exile from the game to do battle through the red ball one last time. It's a kickball game to end all kickball games.

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EP 4 Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy

Colonel H. Stinkmeaner had actually no household and also no friends... but he did have actually a intend crew. Three of Stinkmeaner's old crew arrive in tvery own to specific payearlier on the Freemale family members. Is revenge a dish best served old?






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