Summary: Chapter 11

Maya shields herself against the confusion of St. Louisby analysis fairy-tales and informing herself that she does not intendon staying tright here anymeans. Vivian functions in a gambling parlor at night.Maya pities Mr. Freeman bereason he spends his days at residence waitingfor Vivian to return. Maya begins sleeping at night through Vivianand also Mr. Freeman bereason she suffers from nightmares. One morningafter Vivian has actually left the bed and the home, Mr. Freemale sexuallymolests Maya. He does not rape her yet fairly masturbates on thebed while holding her close to him. Afterward, he threatens to killBailey if Maya ever before tells anyone, but Maya, that does not understandwhat has actually occurred and also who actually took pleasure in being held by someone, cannotunderstand what resulted in such a risk. For weeks, Mr. Freeman ignoresher, and also then molests her aget. Aget, he ignores her for weeks.Maya feels rejected and hurt, however she loses herself in various other points,such as publications. She wishes she were a boy because the heroes in allher favorite publications and also stories are male. Bailey welcomes the moveto St. Louis and he provides friends, via whom he plays basesphere.Maya, but, does not make any friends during this time. She andBailey start to thrive acomponent, so she spends her Saturdays in the libraryanalysis great adendeavors.

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Summary: Chapter 12

In late spring, after Vivian continues to be out all night one time,Mr. Freemale sends out Maya to buy milk. When she returns from the errand also,Mr. Freeguy rapes her. He threatens to kill her if she screams,and also he threatens to kill Bailey if she tells anyone. Afterward,Mr. Freemale sends her to the library, but Maya retransforms residence becauseof the intense physical pain she feels in between her legs. She hidesher underwear under her mattress and goes to bed. Vivian thinksshe might be coming dvery own with the measles. Later that night, Mayahears Vivian argue via Mr. Freemale. In the morning, Vivian tellsMaya that Mr. Freemale has moved out. When Bailey tries to changethe linens, the bloopassed away panties Maya has actually surprise under the mattressfall out.

Summary: Chapter 13

Vivian takes Maya to the hospital. Bailey privately urgesMaya to name the rapist, assuring her that he would not allow theculprit to kill him. Maya reveals Mr. Freeman’s name, the authorities promptlyarremainder him. Maya thinks of herself as a grown woguy, rememberingthat her nurses told her that she has currently knowledgeable the worstthat life hregarding market.

Maya feels recorded in a trap as soon as the attorney asks herwhether tbelow were any kind of sex-related occurrences with Mr. Freeguy prior tothe rape. She fears rejection from her household if she admits to theprevious events, yet she does not desire to lie either. Ultimately,she lies to the court and also Mr. Freeguy receives a sentence of oneyear and sooner or later in prichild. Surprisingly, he is temporarily releasedafter the hearing, and a white policeman visits later on that nightto tell Grandmommy Baxter that Mr. Freemale has actually been bconsumed to death.Maya hears them quickly drop the topic and briefly discuss casualmatters before the policeguy leaves.

The family members never before speaks of the incident, andMaya convinces herself that Mr. Freemale was killed bereason she liedin order to condemn him. Thinking that she has actually marketed herself to theDevil, Maya resolves to defend others by not speaking to anyoneother than Bailey. At first the family members accepts her silence as falloutfrom the rape, yet after some time, they feel offfinished and also becomeangry and violent through her.

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Summary: Chapter 14

Maya and also Bailey return to Stamps, though Maya is not surewhether Momma has sent for them or whether her St. Louis familybasic ended up being unable to handle her silence. Bailey misses Vivian,but Maya finds herself relieved to go back to the barren human being ofStamps. Bailey exaggerates the wonders of the huge city to the curiousoccupants, developing his sarcastic tone, but no one notices hisinsults. He stays kind just to Maya. She understands Bailey’sfrustration, and also he understands her silence.

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