Yona of the Dawn didn’t strike me as a particularly perverted series despite containing the most complex boner metaphors (or at least I think they’re boner metaphors) imaginable, yet this was not the kind of series I meant to have actually boner material.

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Regardless of Yona being an excellent character and all whom I routinely glee over, it’s type of surpincreasing exactly how supporting personalities can entirely and absolutely steal the episode without really trying. Last episode, a certain squirrel regulated to case the title of finest haremite (by the way, Ao’s antics are anime original. Kudos to Pierrot), and this day it’s a details genius bishonen who manperiods to capture many of my attention (and boners).

Not to be outdone by a squirrel, Yun decides to lug some weaponry of his own through Blackadder-grade snark. So, he, after cooking an amazing stew, a piprice hits on him. Yun’s response is fucking perfect.

Yeah it’s childish yet still it made me laugh for two minutes directly.

And considering what I know about piprices, it’s probably for the ideal Yun isn’t staying for lengthy via the piprices. I expect, he type of really looks prefer a lady, and also the just woman is Gigan herself that is sort of old and also I’m pretty sure the piprices would obtain lonely.

But I digress. Or maybe not, this may element at some point later on.

Anymethod, Jeaha takes Yona on a recon mission to investigate wbelow Kumji keeps his kidnapping victims wbelow there’s some sweet interactions between Yona and Jeaha, which netter me the above swarm of Yona being cute. But many importantly…

We likewise acquire to lastly view Yan Kumji’s face!

Hm… it’s lacking something…

Ah, tbelow you go.

The villagers are none also pleased with Kumji’s visibility, so they take the Antoine Dodkid technique to his presence and also all task stops. Those womales unable to hide are condemned to wear horrid moustaches.But horrid mustache lady turns out to be a valuable resource of indevelopment. It turns out that he’s utilizing a storefront as a front (I need a thesaurus) and even more or less offers project listings as bait. So, I guess I’ll put off using for those classified ads.

Back at the ship, the big fight is coming sometime soon, and Gigan is going to use the harem’s strength to strike Kumji’s fleet. However, there’s the caveat of not learning which ship is the one holding all the servants hostage. So, Yona comes up through a very daring plan: she gets kidnapped and sets off fireworks inside the ship. Using Sinha’s (I think that was this week’s romanization) Carl Zeiss Master Prime Lenses Dragon Vision of Doom, they deserve to detect which ship holds the slaves.

Joseph Joestar would be proud.

Gigan is less than thrilled via the concept of sending Yona off by herself, despite thinking that the plan’s wicked smaht. So, someone hregarding go with her. Unfortunately, the ship is filled just through smelly old guys and also Gigan. But that can pass as a woman?

Ah, so our resident genius bishonen is right into crossdressing. Well, that’s a surpclimb.

And so is Ao.

Let’s just say that Yun makes for a very convincing girl. I have no concept what he did before he met Il-sook (thank goodness that was prior to the romanization roulette) that he had actually to learn just how to efficiently crossdress and expertly slip into seductress mode without flinching. Really, what the hell was he doing? Is life in the Kouka kingdom that miserable?

Off that topic. I really like the friendship between Yun and Yona. There’s a specific je ne sais quoi to their dynamics that just strikes the ideal chord. They simply are so chill together despite their different upbringings and social backgrounds. Unchoose the Dragons, he isn’t bound by destiny put upon him, or the memory of the King. He’s more-or-less in equal footing with Yona. He’s there simply bereason he wants to be, to grow, just like her journey.

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Now, back to that topic. I just thought around what sort of wretched acts Yun had actually to execute before he met Il-sook. And now I’m sad.