Good is an adjective while well is an adverb answering the question how. Sometimes well likewise functions as an adjective pertaining to health and wellness.

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Examples:You did a good project.Good describes job, which is a noun, so good is an adjective.

You did the job well.Well is an adverb describing exactly how the task was perdeveloped.

I feel well.Well is an adjective describing I.

Good vs. Well Rules

Rule: With the four senses—look, smell, taste, feel—discern if these words are being provided proactively to decide whether to follow them with good or well. (Hear is constantly used proactively.)

Examples:You smell good this day.Good explains you, not just how you sniff via your nose.

You smell well for someone via a cold.You are sniffing proactively through your nose below so usage the adverb.

She looks good for a 75-year-old grandmommy.She is not looking actively via eyes so usage the adjective.

Rule: When referring to health and wellness, constantly use well.

Examples:I execute not feel well now. You carry out not look well.

Rule: When describing someone’s emotional state, usage good.

Example: He doesn’t feel good about having cheated.

So, how have to you answer the question, “How are you?” If you think someone is asking around your physical wellness, answer, “I feel well,” or “I don’t feel well.” If someone is asking around your emotional state, answer, “I feel excellent,” or “I don’t feel great.


Please view our write-up How Are You—Good, Well, or Fine?, which gives even more conversation and also useful examples.

Pop Quiz1. She jogged extremely good/well for her age.2. She had actually a good/well time yesterday.3. With a high fever before, it is unmost likely he will certainly feel good/well sufficient to play basketball tomorrow.4. Those glasses look good/well on you.

Pop Quiz Answers

1. She jogged incredibly well for her age.2. She had a good time yesterday.3. With a high fever before, it is unmost likely he will feel well enough to play basketball tomorrow.4. Those glasses look good on you.

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