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Dave (Yeah?)I obtained a tiny song I wanna sing (Yeah!)Eddie Floyd composed the song for us(Oh, yes he did, brother)And I believe I might tell the people around it (Yeah!)He told me to tell 'em around my baby (Oh, oh, oh yeah)Oh baby, and I acquired to sing the song(When all brothers'll listen to it)This is what Eddie told me to tell 'em(Go 'head and also tell 'em 'bout it, son)Baby, don't you issue about your manI be comin' house as quickly as I canI acquired a love in the palm of my handGot to acquire ago to you simply as quickly as I canYou don't know, oh, what you suppose to meYou don't recognize, no, what you suppose to meYou don't know, no, no, no, you don't knowHe additionally tell me to tell all the brothers this hereHe shelp, look...I've acquired lovin' you on my mindI'm startin' ideal now, so I will be on timeI wanna perform all that I deserve to (Ah yeah)Just to prove to you that I'm a livin' spirit man
You don't know, no, what you suppose to meYou don't understand, yeah, what you intend to meYou don't recognize, no, no, no, you don't knowNow wait a minuteWe obtained something else we'd prefer to say ideal right here, owI'm gonna love you'Causage that's the way I planned it, yeah(Tell 'em this, Dave)I'm gonna kiss you (Yes, I am)That's the means I planned it (Look)I'm gonna organize you 'til you can't stand also it'Cause that's the way I planned it (Yes I did)(Tell 'em, son)Oh, I'm gonna love you (Love you), love you (Love you)Love you simply as difficult as I canAnd oh (Oh), and also oh (Oh), and also oh (Oh)You don't understand, no, what you mean to meYou don't recognize, no, what you intend to meYou don't know, no, no, no, you don't knowAnd oh (Oh), and oh (Oh), and oh (Haha)You don't recognize (You don't know)You don't know (You don't know)Said you don't recognize (Nobody)That you could hold on(You know, Eddie told me this, Dave)You don't know(He shelp tell 'em)I'm a soul man(They don't know)I'm on my way(Somebody)Placed your hand in mine(Listen to me)You don't know(You) Just don't know(Please let me tell you)Oh (Oh), somebody aid me(You don't know)