(figures plural & 3rd perkid present) (figuring current participle) (figured past tense & past participle )

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1  n-count A number is a particular amount expressed as a number, specifically a statistic. It would certainly be very nice if we had a true number of just how many type of world in this nation haven"t got a task..., It will certainly not be lengthy prior to the inflation number starts to autumn..., New Government figures predict that one in two marriperiods will finish in divorce.  
2  n-count 
A figure is any of the ten written symbols from 0 to 9 that are supplied to represent a number. (=digit) 
3  n-plural An amount or number that is in single figures is between zero and also nine. An amount or number that is in double figures is in between ten and also ninety-nine. You have the right to also say, for instance, that an amount or number is in 3 figures once it is between one hundred and nine hundred and ninety-nine. adj/num N Inflation, which has actually usually remained in single figures, is running at even more than 12%..., Crawley, with 14, was the just other player to reach double figures...  
4  n-count 
You describe someone that you can see as a number as soon as you cannot watch them clearly or as soon as you are describing them. usu via supp, oft N of n She waited, standing on the bridge, till his figure vanished against the grey backdrop of the Palace...  
5  n-count 
In art, a figure is a person in a illustration or a paint, or a statue of a perchild. ...a life-dimension bronze number of a brooding, hooded woguy.  
6  n-count 
Your figure is the form of your body. via supp, oft poss/adj N Take pride in your health and wellness and also your figure..., Janet was a organic blonde with a good number.  
7  n-count 
Someone who is described as a figure of a details type is a perkid that is well-known and also vital in some way. with supp The movement is supported by crucial numbers in the 3 primary political parties.  
8  n-count 
If you say that someone is, for instance, a mommy figure or a hero figure, you intend that various other people regard them as the type of perkid declared or said. via supp, usu n N, N of n Sometimes young lads simply need to revolve to a mommy number for a bit of a chat and also reassurance.  
9  n-count 
In books and also magazines, the diagrams which assist to present or describe information are described as figures. likewise N num If you look at a civilization map (see Figure 1) you deserve to determine the significant wine-producing areas...  
10  n-count 
In geomeattempt, a number is a form, specifically a constant form.  (TECHNICAL) usu supp N Draw a pentagon, a continual five-sided figure.  
11  verb 
If you figure that somepoint is the case, you think or guess that it is the situation. INFORMAL She figured that both she and also Ned had actually learned a lot from the suffer.  V that 
12  verb 
If you say `That figures" or `It figures", you suppose that the truth described is not surprising. INFORMAL When I finiburned, he said, `Yeah. That figures"...  that/it V, Also it V that 
13  verb 
If a perchild or point figuresin somepoint, they show up in or are contained in it. no passive Person civil liberties violations figured prominently in the report.  V in n, Also V as n number on  phrasal verb If you number on something, you arrangement that it will happen or assume that it will certainly take place once making your plans. INFORMAL (=reckon on) Jack functioned as difficult as he might to construct his organization, yet he hadn"t figured on a few obstacles.  V P n/-ing number out  phrasal verb If you figure out a solution to a trouble or the factor for somepoint, you succeed in fixing it or expertise it. INFORMAL (=work-related out) It took them around one month to number out just how to start the devices...  V P wh/that They"re trying to figure out the politics of this totality instance...  V P n (not pron) I do not need to be a detective to figure that out.  V n P 
father figure 
  (father figures plural ), father-figure If you describe someone as a father number, you suppose that you feel able to revolve to that perkid for advice and support in the very same way that you can turn to your father.  n-count She believed her daughter essential a father-number..., He ended up being a father number to the whole company.  
 -number combines via a number, normally `five", `six", or `seven", to create adjectives which say exactly how many type of figures are in a number. These adjectives commonly describe a large amount of money. For instance, a six-figure sum is in between 100,000 and also 999,999.  comb in adj ADJ n Columbia Pictures paid him a six-figure sum for the film legal rights.  
figure eight 
  (figure eights plural )A number eight is the very same as a figure of eight.  (AM)  n-count 
figure-hugging  Figure-hugging garments fit exceptionally close to the body of the person who is wearing them. Figure-hugging is typically supplied to define garments worn by woguys.  adj 
number of eight   (numbers of eight plural )A figure of eight is something that has the shape of the number 8, for example a knot or a motion done by a skater.  (BRIT)  n-count in AM, commonly use number eight  
figure of speech 
  (figures of speech plural )A figure of speech is an expression or word that is supplied through a metaphorical quite than a literal definition.  n-count Of course I"m not. It was simply a figure of speech.  
figure skating 
 Figure skating is skating in an attractive pattern, commonly with spins and also jumps had.  n-uncount 
mom figure   (mom figures plural ), mother-figure If you regard someone as a mother figure, you think of them as having actually the duty of a mom and being the perchild you have the right to turn to for assist, advice, or support.  n-count 

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