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I have the right to ride my bike via no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsI deserve to ride my bike via no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsLook at me, look at me,Hands in the air choose it"s excellent to beAliveAnd I"m a famous rapperEven when the courses are all crookedyI have the right to display you exactly how to do-si-doI deserve to present you just how to scratch a recordI deserve to take apart the remote controlAnd I deserve to virtually put it earlier togetherI deserve to tie a knot in a cherry stemI have the right to tell you about Leif EricsonI recognize all the words to "De Colores"And "I"m Proud to be an American"Me and also my frifinish witnessed a platypusMe and also my friend made a comic bookAnd guess how lengthy it tookI have the right to execute anypoint that I desire cuz, look:I deserve to keep rhythm via no metronomeNo metronomeNo metronomeAnd I deserve to view your challenge on the telephoneOn the telephoneOn the telephoneLook at meLook at meJust dubbed to say that it"s excellent to beAliveIn such a little worldI"m all curled up through a book to readI can make money open up up a thrift storeI have the right to make a living off a magazineI have the right to design an engine sixty fourMiles to a gallon of gasolineI can make brand-new antibioticsI can make computers make it through aquatic conditionsI recognize exactly how to run a businessI deserve to make you wanna buy a productMovers shakers and producersMe and also my friends understand also the futureI view the strings that control the systemsI can carry out anypoint with no assistanceCuz I can lead a nation through a microphoneWith a microphoneWith a microphoneAnd I deserve to split the atoms of a moleculeOf a moleculeOf a moleculeLook at meLook at meDriving and I will not stopAnd it feels so excellent to beAlive and on topMy reach is globalMy tower secureMy cause is nobleMy power is pureI deserve to hand out a million vaccinationsOr let "em all die in exasperationHave "em all healed of their lacerationsHave "em all killed by assassinationI can make anybody go to prisonJust because I don"t like "em.And I deserve to do anything via no permissionI have it all under my commandDue to the fact that I have the right to guide a missile by satelliteBy satelliteBy satelliteAnd I can hit a taracquire with a telescopeThrough a telescopeThunstable a telescopeAnd I have the right to end the world in a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustIn a holocaustI can ride my bike with no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebarsI have the right to ride my bike through no handlebarsNo handlebarsNo handlebars