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Three years is a long timeYou understand tright here ain't really nobody out tbelow that can carry out it favor meYou recognize your girlShe's temporaryI can't take care of thisI'm tired of hearing you talking around this chickHow have the right to she be acting so hot sadiddyTell her check herself reason I'm hotter than sheEver will or think she have the right to beAnd I kbrand-new you prior to she came throughAnd I'm still cool, you understand just how I doTo tell the truth, you understand I feel youYou understand that I ride via youNo, she can't doHalf the things that I doShe can't doWhat I would do for youI can be the one you needI deserve to be the one you needI have the right to be the one you needL have the right to be the one you need
See the time is nowFor you to realize it's going downWhy put up with this when you understand I would certainly beMore than happy to be what you desire me to beWhatever before it is I promise I'll beWhatever pleases you I'll carry out it times twoTaking her spot reason she has actually no clueI'm calming her cause she was a foolYou gotta recognize I'm the truthTell me why clear up for good, you could have live lavishShe fooling about, stressing you out, what's nextSkip all the dramatics, no ghetto-fab justBreak it dvery own straightforward, basic as thisI'm the one you recognize you should be withI see it in your eyes, soptimal looking foolishNo one can love you with every one of thisAnd I'll prove itNo, she can't execute (She can't do)Half the points that I carry out (What I would certainly execute for you, baby)She can't perform (Causage nobody recognize you like me)What I would perform for you (You see)I can be the one you need (Ooh)I deserve to be the one you need (Ooh)I can be the one you need (Ooh)L deserve to be the one you need
And no (No more holding), no more holding on (Onto you)I gotta have actually all or nothingTell her shop is closedSo fill up and hit the doorI don't treatment (I don't care), and also I understand it don't seem fairSooner or later she willFind out you have constantly been my manAnd, oh, she can neverGirl, quit playing, come on and climb inWhatever he do, I perform it times tenWhatever's on me, I flow with diamondsWhatever I say, they do choose SimonThat one fifty-one Bacardi lime inI'ma begin kickin' in through perfect timin'You check out what I'm in, you hear the rhymin'But guess who it is thoughL to the izzo, S to the izzoYou put his flow via them RizzosYou sound like a Gizzo, that's what it must beI'm what they would certainly be only if they might beI'm in the great b's, sittin' on black boysWith the click-clack toys simply for the jack boysShorty gained some audacityI'm in her legs even more than a fly understand be

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No, she can't carry out (She don't even alert nothing makes you hot)Half the points that I execute (Causage she's not me and uh)She can't doWhat I would certainly do for you (And I would certainly I deserve to be)I have the right to be the one you require (Ooh)I deserve to be the one you need (Ooh)I deserve to be the one you require (Ooh)I have the right to be the one you require (She can never before be me, yeah)No, she can't do (She can't love you)Half the things that I do (Like I love you)She can't perform (Oh)What I would do for you (Can she do it choose me, baby)I can be the one you require (I don't think she can)I can be the one you require (I don't think she can)I can be the one you require (No)I can be the one you need (I deserve to be the one you need, yeah)