"Well, it"s not daytime tv anymore," Ellen DeGeneres sassist Thursday on her present after a rambling, nearly undamaged, virtually 6½-minute oration by her guest, Kanye West.

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"We"re gonna take a break," she included, searching for the right words after she"d regulated to sneak in just a couple of dozen of them in the time of West"s lengthy monologue.

After functioning to pry more than a couple of words out of the rapper as she quizzed him around his kids and whether he regretted anypoint he"d ever before tweeted, the host lugged up his appeal to Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion in capital, which West identified can have been even more successful had actually he approached the Facebook founder on, well, Facebook, rather of Twitter.

"Give me one instance, the ideas," DeGeneres said, "because probably someone watching will certainly provide you the money."

And Kanye was off to the races.

We"re in a Renaissance duration wbelow people have multiple talents, he sassist, name-checking "12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen. He lugged up his parents and also their credentials, saying he was increased to make a difference. He quoted Rakim and also said he was increased on Phife Dawg and also hip-hop.

"Are you connecting?," the shoe designer asked after dislacking those that measure contributions to society by tracking sales and also radio play. "Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Name somebody living that you deserve to name in the same breath as them.

"Don"t tell me about being likeable. We"ve obtained a hundred years right here. We"re one race, the huguy race, one human being. We"re a blip in the visibility of the universe, and also we"re constantly trying to pull each other down. Not doing things to aid each various other. That"s my allude. It"s prefer I"m shaking talking about it. I know it"s daytime TV, yet I feel that I deserve to make a distinction while I"m right here. I feel that I can make things better with my skill collection. I"m an artist, and also I feel that I have the right to make points much better with my skill collection. I"m a artist. Five years old, art college. PhD, Art Institute of Chicback."

He has actually a problem wbelow he sees sound, he shelp. "Everypoint that I sonically make is a painting. I see it. I watch the importance— I watch the prominence and also the worth of everyone being able to experience a more beautiful life."

West dropped more names, stating a dinner with President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio, the last of whose conservation efforts were apparently taken more seriously than West"s work in the world of fashion architecture.

"But," Mr. Kim Kardashian said, "I remember going to institution, like, in fifth grade, and also wanting to have a cool outfit ....

"I dubbed the head of Paymuch less . I"m choose, "I desire to job-related with you. I desire to take all this indevelopment that I"ve learned from sitting at all these fashion shows and also knocking on all these doors and buying all these expensive apparel and I desire to take ameans bullying." "

It"s favor I"m shaking, talking around it. I understand it"s daytime TV, but I feel that I have the right to make a difference while I"m below.

— Kanye West

At this suggest, someone in the manage booth supposedly remembered to hit the "applause" switch, because the audience had basically been taking it all in silently for a while.

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"There was a time Michael Jackboy couldn"t obtain his video on MTV because he was taken into consideration to be "city." The Michael Jackchild," West said. "So I literally have to be the Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break dvery own the doors for everyone who will come after I"m gone, after I"m dead. After they contact me Wacko Kanye. Isn"t that so funny, that human being allude fingers at the people that have actually influenced us the most?"

At this allude, DeGeneres was — as she had actually been for an eternity in talk-present time— sitting motionmuch less except for blinking and also sometimes wetting her lips as if to stop. But there had actually been no room to speak.

"I"m sorry, daytime tv," West sassist to the audience. "I"m sorry for the realness."