1  n-var A halittle bit is something that you do regularly or frequently. oft N of -ing He has actually an endearing halittle of licking his lips when he"s nervous..., Many human being add salt to their food out of halittle, without even tasting it initially., ...a survey on eating behavior in the UK.  

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2  n-count 
A habit is an action which is taken into consideration negative that someone does repetitively and finds it hard to speak doing. oft N of -ing A good way to break the habit of eating too quickly is to put your knife and also fork down after each mouthful..., After 20 years as a chain smoker Mr Nathe has given up the habit.  
3  n-count 
A drug habit is an addiction to a drug such as heroin or cocaine. supp N She ended up being a prostitute in order to pay for her cocaine habit.  
4  n-count 
A halittle is a piece of garments shaped favor a lengthy loose dress, which a nun or monk wears. 
5 If you say that someone is a creature of halittle, you suppose that they typically execute the very same thing at the same time each day, quite than doing new and different points. ♦creature of habit   
 phrase creature inflects, usu v-attach PHR 
6 If you are in the habit of doing somepoint, you do it consistently or frequently. If you getinto the halittle of doing something, you start to execute it routinely or frequently. ♦in the halittle of/into the habit of  phrase v-attach PHR -ing They were in the habit of offering 2 or three dinner parties a month..., I obtained into the habit of calling in on Gloria on my method home from work.  
7 If you make a halittle bit of doing somepoint, you carry out it consistently or often. ♦make a habit of 
 phrase V inflects, PHR -ing/n You can phone me at work-related as lengthy as you do not make a halittle of it.  

1  n-count You deserve to describe any living point that is not a plant as a creature, especially as soon as it is of an unrecognized or unfamiliar sort. People additionally describe imaginary pets and beings as creatures. (=being) Alaskan Eskimos think that eincredibly living creature possesses a heart..., The garden is surrounded by a hedge in which many type of small creatures deserve to live...  
2  n-count 
If you say that someone is a specific type of creature, you are concentrating on a details high quality they have actually. with supp She"s charming, a sweet creature..., She was a creature of the eactivities, rather than reason.   → a creature of habit  → habit 
creature comforts 
 Creature comforts are the points that you should feel comfortable in a area, for instance excellent food and also modern devices.  n-plural They appreciate all the creature comforts of house.  

1 animal, beast, being, brute, critter  (U.S. dialect) dumb pet, living point, lower pet, quadruped 
2 body, character, fellow, humale being, individual, guy, mortal, perboy, heart, wight  (archaic) woman 
3 cohort  (chiefly U.S.) dependant, hanger-on, hireling, instrument  (informal) lacessential, minion, puppet, retainer, tool, wretch 

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