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Synonyms: Adverb

Antonyms: Adverb

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Latin has actually a expression for "exactly as written": verbatim ac litteratim, which literally means "word for word and letter for letter." Like the verbatim in that Latin phrase, the English verbatim indicates "word for word." As you may have noticed, there"s a verb in verbatim—and also that"s no mere coincidence. Both verb and verbatim are derived from the Latin word for "word," which is verbum. Other prevalent English words that share this root include adverb, proverb, and verbose. Even the word word itself is connected. Verbatim have the right to also be an adjective meaning "being in or complying with the precise words" (as in "a verbatim report") and also a rarer noun referring to an account, translation, or report that complies with the original word for word.

Adverb The New York Times reported that current articles lambasting legislation against Wal-Mart came verbatim from the retailer"s p.r. firm. — Sally B. Donnelly et al., Time, 20 Mar. 2006 Some passperiods in the book are taken verbatim from the blog … — Publishers Weekly, 13 June 2005 Around his eleventh year he compiled a sort of commonplace book in which he transcribed passperiods from his analysis. … But these entries aren"t rendered verbatim: Rimbaud expands and also contracts his sources, plays through lines, exhibiting an extremely early on, exceptionally organic type of literary criticism. — Wyatt Makid, Harper"s, October 2002 "My very own anxieties around mortality are tempered just slightly," states Burns (quoting, almost verbatim, his arrival to "Jazz"s" companion coffee-table book), "by the notion that if we proceed to attempt difficult, we"ll have actually a opportunity to hear Louis blow Gabriel out of the clouds." — David Gates, Newsweek, 8 Jan. 2001 you can"t simply copy the encyclopedia post verbatim for your report—that"s plagiarism Adjective Was Coleridge"s "Table Talk," as tape-recorded by his circle, his words or theirs—or a conflation of both? And what about Boswell, the a lot of celebrated auditor of them all, that written a masterpiece of English literary works out of the supposedly verbatim speech of Samuel Johnson? Did Johnkid start his eincredibly declaration with an orotund "Sir?" — James Atlas, New York Times Magazine, 23 June 1991 Some readers might unfortunately be made mistrustful of the authors" findings by their attempts to enliven the book with unverifiable—if inconsequential—details around the settings of events and by periodically presenting unrecorded conversations of 4 decades ago in the form of verbatim quotations. — Henry Ashby Turner, New York Times Book Review, 22 June 1986
Recent Instances on the Web: Adverb At a committee hearing at the state Capitol later on that day, Hinkins check out out the talking points almost verbatim, and both Somers and Hrenko-Browning spoke in favor of the resolution, which later passed. — Zak Podmore, The Salt Lake Tribune, 30 May 2021 Many type of other components of the show – including monologues around his childhood in Freehold, his father, Clarence Clemons, dodging the Vietnam draft, and also driving cross-country in 1970 – were taken verbatim from the last run. — Andy Greene, Rolling Stone, 27 June 2021 Though no member of the Milwaukee Bucks quoted it verbatim over the last week against the Miami Heat, a variation of it has been espoprovided in team huddles by Giannis Antetokounmpo and also Khris Middleton. — Jim Owczarski, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 29 May 2021 Much of the language in both the Housage and Senate bills was pulled verbatim from a 2020 executive order by Trump, restricting diversity training and also the usage of crucial race theory in the federal government. — Corbett Smith, Dallas News, 22 May 2021 Many of them can have actually been published verbatim as a newspaper column. — Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press, 20 May 2021 But a lot of of this week’s 38 inking entries (31 on the print page) stuck to the original definition, often quoting verbatim from some newsmaker or other. — Washington Post, 22 Apr. 2021 That language was offered verbatim in a Facebook article by Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier. — Rick Rouan, USA TODAY, 9 Apr. 2021 Key words are essential to gain your résumé noticed however cramming in phrases lifted verbatim from the job summary or make your résumé hard to review won’t get you far. — Kathryn Dill, WSJ, 7 Mar. 2021 Recent Instances on the Web: Adjective Aficionados understand that verbatim comedy climaxed 11 years earlier via Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s 2010 Romeo and also Juliet, which gathered interviewees’ misrememberings around Shakespeare’s plot, then delivered them with melodramatic gusto. — Helen Shaw, Vulture, 25 Aug. 2021 And, as an additional resource, is a webwebsite the League sponsors which offers the public via verbatim candidates responses. — cleveland, 30 July 2021 But the format itself — such as the appearance of verbatim dialogue and also interior thoughts — gives ample hints regarding which characters played ball. — Mark Whitaker, Washington Post, 15 July 2021 The show is a detour from verbatim plays for Cry Havoc, as the firm strives instead to create a vivid people for folks to discover — in the basement art gallery of the South Side on Lamar building close to Downtvery own. — Corinne Dorsey, Dallas News, 7 June 2021 Obviously this was not the verbatim call, but Republicans never quit labeling Schiff a liar. — Virginia Heffernan Los Angeles Times, Star Tribune, 1 June 2021 It’s additionally one point for SNL to repeat the latest circus act in Washington, DC, practically verbatim, just louder, throughout the cold open up. — Zak Jaboy, Wired, 21 May 2021 Based on the Israeli series BeTipul (sometimes to the point of verbatim translations), the ambitious drama series was a critical hit for HBO from 2008 to 2010. — Brian Tallerico, Vulture, 18 May 2021 Each contact is excellent in its very own way, and also below is each speak to, verbatim, beginning with Scully and also Garagiola. — Houston Mitchell Assistant Sports Editor, Los Angeles Times, 30 Apr. 2021

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First Known Use of verbatim


1fifth century, in the definition characterized above


1613, in the interpretation identified above

History and Etymology for verbatim


borrowed from Medieval Latin verbātim, from Latin verbum "word, verb entry 1" + -ātim (as in nōminātim "by name, specifically," formed from -ātus, previous participle sufsettle and also -im, adverbial suffix)