Synonym:transform,change,deviate,differ.Similar words:various,variety,variable,a range,variation,a selection of,scary,diary.Meaning:<"verɪ /"veər->
v. 1. make or come to be different in some particular way, without permanently losing one"s or its former characteristics or essence 2. be at variance with; be out of line through 3. be subject to readjust in accordance with a variable 4. make somepoint even more varied and varied.

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100. Due to the fact that of the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility, their educational backgrounds and endure vary significantly.
101. Each progressed on different terrain and has hooves to match. Modern breeds stem from these varieties, and feet vary as necessary.
103. The nature of this will vary considerably depending upon a rose"s genealogy, while its appreciation is an extremely individual matter.
105. The orchestral textures vary subtly and also the music is alive with incident-written and improvised.
107. The factors for selling deserve to vary enormously and will certainly affect what the vendor sees as the essential issues.
109. Speakers of different languages and cultural backgrounds, and also from various social teams, vary quite substantially in their wanted language standards.
110. Across occupations, pension eras vary arbitrarily and also perform not present any organized partnership to individual abilities or preferences.
112. The physiological claims of prospering organisms including human beings - vary greatly from one stage to another.
113. The lower boundaries of normal for serum uric acid are arbitrarily identified and also may vary from one lab to another.
114. Although plants vary so substantially in their shape, function and general appearance, the cellulose molecule is the same in all.
116. The specific authority and also framework of an audit committee will certainly vary depending upon the company"s scenarios.

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More similar words:assorted,range,variable,a selection,variation,a variety of,scary,diary,salary,summary,major,literary,boundary,army,voluntary,additional,secretary,missionary,elementary,documentary,preliminary,anniversary,contemporary,to the contrary,revolutionary,dictionary order,on the contrary.