1 : a bodily condition defined by an excess of blood and noted by turgescence and also a florid complexion

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2 : abundance, profusion … Grand Cayguy uses a plethora of bustling restaurants, ritzy resorts and also comfortable condos …— Susanne Cummings … in a world whose credibility is endangered by the meaningless plethora of product goods it goes on creating.— W. Roy Niblett

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plethoric plə-​ˈthȯr-​ik

, ple-​ , -​ˈthär-​ ; ˈple-​thə-​rik adjective

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Plethora comes from a similar Greek word meaning "fullness." It was first supplied in English in the 16th century to describe a supposed medical condition noted by an excess volume of blood leading to swelling and a reddish complexion. Later, the clinical usage of "plethora" was extfinished to show connected clinical conditions (such as an excess volume of bodily liquid or the red-skinned appearance of some newborns). These days, but, "plethora" is more frequently used in a general, non-clinical feeling, with the definition "excess" or "abundance."

There has actually been a plethora of plays in recent years whose claim to modernity is based upon indicated quite than felt emovement. — Arthur Miller, Harper"s, March 1999 The plethora of short-lived ceasefires in the Balkans and also the Caucasus constitute proof that we are no longer in a world where the old rules of state warfare use. — Robert D. Kasetup, Atlantic, February 1994 … offered at the lengthy plank table in the banquet hut, amid a plethora of toasts to development, amity, and also the overthrow of imperialism—the meal passed in a blur. — John Updike, Trust Me, (1962) 1987 In their check out, there are the very few hard-pressed great guys losing the landscape to a plethora of poor men. — Carol Bly, Letters from the Country, 1981 A plethora of publications have been created on the subject. a biology textbook that is helpfully illustrated with a plethora of excellent illustrations
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Recent Examples on the Web And then there’s a plethora of zero-zero wines being made in California best now that look crystal-clear and also taste pristine. — Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Aug. 2021 Narrator David Sadzin parcels out the narrative in an inexplicable stop-and-go manner that is, nonetheless, straightforward to follow amid the plethora of detail and ever-shifting contexts. — Katherine A. Powers, Star Tribune, 28 May 2021 The Pearsons honor William’s memory through a plethora of breakfast foods, balloons, and also confetti, and also a nice stroll through the neighborhood while wearing fedoras. — Maggie Fremont, Vulture, 26 May 2021 There’s a plethora of ranges obtainable digital (https://www.trueleafmarket.com is a great source), from tiny spicy mustard seeds to reasonably giant sunfreduced seeds that thrive right into sweet crunchy microgreens. — Beth Segal, cleveland, 15 Apr. 2021 The trio likewise touched on the movie"s beloved soundtrack, its plethora of celebrity cameos, and also their enin the time of friendship in the years because making the film. — Tyler Aquilina, EW.com, 10 Apr. 2021 There’s a plethora of side hustles for food lovers, such as doing food photography and reviews, supplying cooking classes, and also functioning at restaurants, bars and also — inevitably — events. — Kathy Kristof, Los Angeles Times, 20 Mar. 2021 Given the plethora of Victorian furniture and also patterned wallpaper in simply about eextremely room, this residence will sudepend leave architecture lovers in awe. — Mary Elizabeth Andriotis, House Beautiful, 11 Mar. 2021 Narrator David Sadzin parcels out the narrative in an inexplicable stop-and-go manner that is, nonethemuch less, simple to follow amid the plethora of information and ever-changing contexts. — Washington Post, 8 Mar. 2021

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History and Etymology for plethora

Middle ages Latin, from Greek plēthōra, literally, fullness, from plēthein to be complete — even more at full